Zen inner, Belle outer 

 While Western women are appreciated for their modern, active and sexy beauty, Eastern women are proud of their affectionate, mysterious and profound allure.

Wherever it is in the world, women deserve being treasured for their beauty, both physical and inner one. In other words, long lasting beauty is neither superficial nor artificial. It comes from the tranquillity inside that we call the “Zen attitude” to enjoy life.

With this inspiration, Zenboté is a skincare line symbolizing the perfect harmony of Eastern subtlety and Western efficiency. Each product is developed with the fusion of featured ingredients from the East and the West. Subtle fragrances come from precious essential oils, sometimes magnolia or jasmine for an eastern touch, sometimes scots pine or bergamot for a western feeling. All this wellness is originally packed in bottles and jars with bamboo caps, on which key ingredients are beautifully illustrated by hand in Chinese ink.

The exceptional beauty and quality of Zenboté products give every woman not only the long lasting beauty they deserve but also the tranquil mind to enjoy nature’s goodness and the harmony to carry a balanced life.