Brand name

Capturing the inspiration of “East meets West”, “Zenboté” is a compound of “Zen” and “Boté” representing these two poles.

 “Zen” is a school of Buddhism that is very well known throughout Asia, which traces its roots to the Indian practice of meditation. Zen emphasizes on the rigorous self-control, the silence of the soul to nurture the good nature of human beings. This cultural thought is closely in line with Asian women’s traditional inner beauty that is appreciated for its gentleness, discreetness and mystery.

 “Boté” is a word play of the French word 'Beauté' that means “Beauty”.

 Zenboté therefore praises women’s plenary beauty in the harmony of oriental and occidental values.

 Line of product name

Zenboté lines of products are named after the seven aesthetic principles of ZEN, also considered as the seven rules of Asian wisdom: Naturalness, Subtlety, Imperfection, Creativity, Tranquility, Simplicity and Austerity. Each name corresponds exactly with the characteristics of each of our developing lines of products. Consult line descriptions for more details about these meaningful Asian lessons.

Product name

Every Zenboté product has its unique personality, as it represents an exclusive neo-plant that is created from an amalgam of the two most carefully chosen and most effective proven ingredients coming from the East and the West. Each product thus has its own name, which is the combination of that of their two key ingredients. For example:

  • In “CHAMA vivifying toner”, CHAMA comes from its featured ingredients “Chamomile & Magnolia”
  • “MELIBU regenerating gel” comes from “Melissa & Burdock”, etc.

A very talented Canadian artist has then beautifully illustrated these neo-plants in Chinese ink on the packaging.

Last but not least, the subtle touches of fragrance and the bamboo element give Zenboté products the mysterious Eastern grace and charm.