My ZenWorld is a specifically designed membership program with the Zen attitude to reward our cherished clients by offering them a faster checkout and a lot of exclusive, personalized services.


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Two special programs are available in your ZenWorld:


- ZenLoyal: Accumulate 1 ZenPoints on each 10.000đ of purchase and benefit from our exclusive gifts and services


Pictures for:

  • Exclusive gifts:

+ 500 points = cleanser, toner

+ 800 points = cream

+ 1000 points = serum

  • Birthday gifts
  • Private events (sales, beauty/fitness workshop, private sales, other cultural activities)




  1. ZenRefer: The best way to show your appreciation of your products and services and to say thank you is to share your experiences with people around you. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to try our products and see them enjoy Zenboté as you do.


We are so happy to see our clients enjoy the products and would like to help you spread the words by offering you 2 vouchers of 50.000 VND **** at each purchase that you can give to your friends and family.


****Applied to new clients’ purchase only, minimum 1 000 000 VND.