You cannot ignore “toner step” anymore!

Toner - the forgotten skincare step, but if you know the benefits of toners, will you consider adding this step to your daily skincare routine?

Toner helps to complete skin cleansing: Toner cleanser removes excess oil, make-up remaining on skin, making skin completely clean.

Toner with some ingredients like witch hazel tightens pores, while strengthening the skin's natural protective barrier. Thereby limiting the penetration of dirt.

Detergents such as SLS, soap in SRM do not have a skin-compatible pH, making it tight, dry, uncomfortable. Particularly with dry, sensitive skin. One of the "self-movement" measures of the skin is to excrete more oil, which leads to acne and irritation with oily skin. Toner helps the skin restore natural pH balance after cleansing, giving skin return to a healthy state.

Thanks to the fully cleansed pores and skin at physiological pH, the conditioning products in the next steps will also be absorbed more effectively by the skin.


Remember, bacteria only proliferate when water is present, and the main ingredient of toner is water, so preserving toner often requires a lot of strong preservatives. The most common is alcohol, which takes away all the skin's natural protective membrane, while causing strong irritation.


Toner Chama of the Naturalness lineage of Zenboté DOES NOT CONTAIN and is extracted from completely natural and organic ingredients known for its ability to cleanse, pore and moisturize, soothe skin like Roman Chamomile, Magnolia oil, hazelnut juice, extract of hydrolyzed rice, South African red tea.


Ingredients are so good that you can spray Chama straight on your face and pat the osmotic nutrients, then wait without drying. Or even soak up large pieces of cotton with Chama and apply it to your face like a daily moisturizing mask. Make sure your skin is clean, moist, balanced and truly HEALTHY ready for next steps. Try it!




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