Winter skin care tips

During the cold season, we all should more attention to our skin and our skincare routine. We are going to give you some tips to make your skin radiant even during winter!

1.    Wash your face with warm water

You may have thought that hot water will help open pores and purify the skin, but it is important to know that hot water may erase the natural oil barrier of the skin, causing it to become dry, itchy and faster aging. In cold winters, cold water can make you uncomfortable, so use cool water to cleanse your skin and make sure to tighten pores without drying your skin.


2.    Don’t Abuse of moisturiser

There is a reason why the cold dry season is the season that girls named "skin care season" because this is the time when skin needs more care, to avoid dry, chapped and itchy skin. That’s why the number of moisturisers sell increases significantly in winter. But don't forget:  using too much moisturizer can make your skin greasy and cause acne, even if you have dry skin. For a suitable skin cream plus extra patience, daily adjustment will be the right skin care formula for winter.

3.    Don’t forget to exfoliate

In this cold winter it is easy to be afraid to touch the water and think that during the cold season, the skin is not much excreted so there is no need to exfoliate. But you know, no matter which season, our skin always regenerates and eliminates dead cells, just at a slower rate. If you don't want your skin to become dark and rough, don't forget to exfoliate in the winter. This can be done once a week with a mild exfoliating product that contains a moisturizer for the skin.

4.    Don’t forget to drink water

Even though it’s winter and that the amount of water lost due to sweat is less, don't forget to drink at least 1.5L of water every day. This is the minimum amount of water for the skin to maintain moisture and health.

5.    Don’t apply too many masks

During the dry season you may try to apply as many masks as possible to enhance the replenishment of moisture and nutrients. However, abusing of mask will make your face become weak, irritable and even acneic. Remember that 1-2 per week is enough.





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