Why should you choose a foaming cleanser?

Often, girls only think that foam SRM is faster and more convenient than others, but that is not completely true:

☁️ The foam is like a smooth mattress that prevents skin from being hurt when you rub it on the skin. When the air bubble breaks off, the surfactants are released, penetrating the skin and cleansing the skin

☁️ SRM foam, with less oily ingredients, makes the skin clearer after use so it is particularly popular in Asia and in hot countries in general.

☁️ SRM foam saves you time, cleansing the face becomes quicker and easier than other forms

However, foaming agents in conventional cleansing products are a strong chemical, very harmful by the skin, causing dry skin.

Not to mention, since the ingredient does not contain oils such as creams or milk, it is difficult to obtain 1 type of SRM that cleanses deeply the skin.



Zenboté gives you SRM smooth foam Jasberry - a completely new style of skin cleansing, a very different feel. The essential word: clean, clean, but gently.


Thanks to organic extracts from:


Jasmine - Outstanding with sweet aroma and ability to treat acne, anti-agingCranberry - famous for its outstanding antioxidant ability, is a natural and vitamin-rich exfoliator.Aloe essence helps to sooth and disinfect skin🌿the essence of green tea helps pores tightening and has powerful antioxidantsCoffee quality, apricots, apples, bean sprouts, roses help to exfoliate naturally and clean gently and meticulously


Try and feel, you will see the difference!



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