Once considered an occasional pampering, masks are now an essential step in our facials. Taking advantage of the great advantages of masks, cosmetic companies have come up with a variety of different features to treat skin troubles. These include: moisture mask, anti-aging mask, purifying mask, etc. So which mask is the best for your skin?


Masks - important care steps to improve skin

Zenboté will share with you how popular masks work and what kind of skin masks are suitable, making it easy and accurate to choose:


Normal skin / dry skin

Hydrogel mask / paper mask

- Hydrogel is a new moisturizing mask in thin gel sheets instead of cotton paper, so it has the ability to lock moisture better.

- Look for masks containing moist and active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamins.

Normal skin and oily skin

Rubber mask or peeling mask

- Latex mask has thick and thick texture, while some peeling masks have a thinner texture. There is a kind of gel available, some kind of water is needed to make paste, then apply to the face. Then let it dry and peel off.

- This mask made of alginate, found in kelp and powder extract, helps to deep clean the skin, shrink pores, while nourishing and brightening the skin.

Oily skin easily pimples

Clay mask

- Clay is well-known for balancing oil on the skin by adjusting excess sebum, erasing dirt in pores, preventing blackheads and hidden acne. They also help smooth and soften the surface of the skin. Moreover, the clay mask also supports the treatment of redness and melasma, where old acne forms and helps improve the texture of the skin.- Never leave the clay completely dry on the skin, always wash with warm water after 3-5 minutes of covering.- Limit this mask to dry skin
Aging / very dry skin

Creamy sleeping mask

- Thicker texture than night cream, very rich in nutrients.

- Apply a thick layer of face in the evening before going to bed to nourish and regenerate the skin. Remember, most recovery tasks on your skin take place at night. When the body is in a deep, quiet sleep, the skin's metabolism increases, cell change and renewal of the skin escalates.

Melasma,  acne


Exfoliating mask (peel)

- This mask peels off the dull skin layer of dead skin cells, stimulating the regeneration of the young skin under bright growth. - There are some types of skin exfoliating with a little exfoliating and / or acid to make the skin evenly colored. - To use, gently massage it on your face for a few minutes, leave for the recommended time, then rinse with warm water.


The mask is one of the important skin care steps to achieve the desired skin improvement effect. Hopefully with the information in this article, you will easily choose the right mask for your skin. Whether you choose a mask or other skin care product, don't forget to prioritize products that contain natural and organic ingredients instead of chemical ingredients, to get your lasting beauty.  

Refer to purification mask Coftea Zenboté made in Canada: Contains white clay and coffee to help clean deep in pores mixed on skin surface, prevent dark spots and acne. Not only that Coftea also contains red algae and green tea helps nourish the skin and prevent aging. The product is certified organic by Ecocert, suitable for all skin types, especially combination skin, oil, acne. 




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