Which cleanser suits you?

Skin cleansing is the first step to preserve your skin and have a healthy skin. But between a forest of brands and types of cleansers, which creams, oils, milk we can a be lost. Hence, do you know which one is suitable for your skin and the most used?

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Facial cleanser usually has 2 main components: OIL and WATER. And if we put in the order of% diminishing oil then we have: Oil (cleansing oil) >> Cream (cream) >> Milk (milk) >> Foam >> Gel. In addition, we have many more types!

** Gel cleanser **

As the name suggests, gel form is quite liquid, the main formula on the water base should hardly cause greasy after washing. Gel cleanser is good for deep cleansing of pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria, thanks to antiseptic properties and scrubs, but is also quite limited in cleaning up layer make up and sunscreen.

IDEAL FOR: Oily skin and combination skin

** Cream / milk cleanser (Cream / milk) **

This type usually has a thick texture, many nutritional ingredients help gently clean the skin without depriving the natural protective film due to the oilier ingredients. The moisturizing ingredients in milk help smooth skin immediately after washing. However, note that if you have oily skin, milk cleanser may underline this problem.

IDEAL FOR: Dry and Sensitive Skin

** Foam facial cleanser **

Excessive oil removal effect is the same as gel, however the foam texture helps SRM to make the foam quicker, gentler, and penetrates deeply into the pores. However, you should keep in mind to avoid too many types of foaming because of the possibility that SRM contains industrial foaming agents, the ability to cause irritation and dry skin is quite large. If the ingredient is entirely from plants, this form of SRM does not contain chemical foaming ingredients, so it is mild, suitable for all skin types, especially in hot and humid climates.

IDEAL FOR: Oily skin and combination skin 


** Oil-based cleanser **

This type of SRM is ideal for cleaning, especially dirt that gets deeply into pores, makeup, sunscreen, including water-proof makeup. Be careful because it is Oil-rich ingredients, so oily skin needs to clean the skin again, in order to avoid clogging the pores. As for organic oil based SRM, the main ingredient is vegetable oils that dissolve dirt instead of detergents. This type of SRM is quite mild, suitable for all skin types, including oily and finished skin. They do not clog pores like we used to think.

IDEAL FOR: Most skin types

** Micellar makeup remover **

Originating in France, micellar water has small oil molecules suspended in soft water - attracting oil, dirt and makeup. Especially no need to rinse with water. 

IDEAL FOR: Dry and Sensitive Skin

** Powder cleanser **

Relatively little known in Vietnam, this SRM is in the form of fine powder at dry time but when exposed to water, it will turn into a soft milk layer. It helps to clean the skin and gently exfoliate every day.  It also absorbs the excess of oil for a pretty face.

IDEAL FOR: Oily and Sensitive Skin


** Face soap **

Unlike industrial soaps, the market-returning washers recently contained very little or no soap. In addition, they are also rich in ingredients that bring nutrients to the skin like glycerine, vegetable oil, essential oils, etc. for a clean and smooth skin. Compact, easy to carry with people in hand luggage, is also an advantage of this product.

IDEAL FOR: Oily skin and combination skin So:

- If you have oily, oily skin, the appropriate cleanser for your skin will be Gel, foam, oil, powder and face soap
- If your skin is dry and sensitive, you should choose milk, cream or micellar cleanser
- If you have mixed skin, you can use any kind, but should give priority to the soap, gel and Foam cleanser.  

Taking advantage of the great advantages of a foam facial cleanser, Zenboté launches Jasberry cleanser product - extremely suitable for the skin and hot and humid climate of Asia.  

Oil-less ingredients create a feeling of fresh after washing
Air bubbles contain Decyl glucoside surfactant extracted from coconut and corn. It helps to clean the skin without any dryness feeling and tightens pore.

The bergamot and cinnamon orange essential oils help you enjoy the refreshing feeling of removing all the dirtAloe Vera, jasmine, cranberry, green tea helps cleanse bacteria and moisturize.   Zenboté


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