When do you know your skin is aging?

Many people often think that anti-aging is only for middle-aged women. But actually, the process of skin aging takes place earlier than you imagine.

In fact, the process of skin aging takes place very early, even when you are in the age of 20-25. Signs of skin aging through facial expressions such as sagging skin, wrinkles, appearance of pigmentation, dry, dull and poorly pigmented skin, ... Identifying the causes and having an early prevention solution is the best way to protect your skin from aging.

The biological activities of the body age over time and the skin is no exception. Two main factors lead to skin aging:

 ** Endogenous factor **

Important ingredients in skin structure such as collagen (firming skin), elastin (making elastic skin), and glycosaminoglycans or GAGs (making the skin water-retaining, plump) lose over time.

** Exogenous factor **
Sun, living environment (air pollution, smoke, tobacco, etc.) are factors that accelerate the aging process by producing "free radicals". The consequence is a dry, rough, burnt skin, loss of firm elasticity, loss of ruddy pigmentation - the main signs of an aging skin.


Free radicals - These are electrons that lose electrons and always need to "take" electrons from other molecules, producing a range of free, sick and free radicals that no longer function as a sacrifice.

Aging - the law of life that we cannot prevent. But anti-aging and "slowing down" this process is entirely possible.

  • Living, eating, sleeping in moderation it is the GOLD secrets of beautiful skin
  • Always protect your skin from sun and dust
  • Skin care with safe and effective ingredients helps support the production of important endogenous components of healthy young skin and limits the consequences of exogenous factors on the skin.

With the motto of beauty and safety from high-quality organic raw materials, Zenboté brings Melibu Anti-Aging Gel product - with the combination of pure natural ingredients: Burdock, purple earthenware (Melissa), Rum flower oil, Aloe juice, create a formula with superior strength in preventing skin aging. The skin will immediately become smooth and soft, the wrinkles will give the skin a refreshing beauty, lasting radiance with sweet fragrance of orchids.

Many customers of Zenboté after 2 months of use shared about ruddy skin, smooth and instead of dull, and dry as before.


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