what's inside the jar ?

Have you ever wondered what formula is used to create a cream and with what ingredients?

For all types of creams, in general, the main ingredients are the followings:

Liquid: this is a key component of a moisturizer to provide moisture to skin. Usually this will be the largest proportion of the cream and placed first in the ingredient list.

For ordinary cosmetics, the liquid ingredient we most often encounter is "aqua" - water.

For organic skin care products, instead of using water, we use ingredients that contain lots of water and are riche in live substances such as fruit juice or vegetable juice (hydrosol)).


Fat is responsible for providing nutrients to the skin while forming protective covering to prevent dehydration. Manufacturers always pay attention to the ratio of fat / liquid to make creams for different skin types. High water products will have less oil, faster absorbent but have a modest amount of nutrients. High-fat products will be less water-rich, nutritious but also difficult to penetrate.  

Normal cosmetic products commonly use mineral oil while vegetable oil, margarine, and essential oils are the main fats of organic skincare.

Active ingredients: such as vitamins, extracts, zinc oxide ... aim to create a unique value for the product to treat certain skin problems such as sun protection, whitening, deep moisture.

Emulsifiers: You know, water and oil cannot dissolve each other, so they need a "mutual friend" as an emulsifier to bind together. For normal cosmetics, synthetic chemicals are emulsifiers, while organic skincare uses vegetable waxes or alternative natural ingredients to perform this function.


Where there is liquid, there is an environment for bacteria to proliferate. So, do not be surprised when organic cream jars also contain preservatives, just what preservatives we use, how much it is. For common products, a wide range of common preservatives can be found in any product such as paraben, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid ..., potentially long-term substances for children's health. people.

With certified organic products, the preservatives have a natural origin such as drinkable liquors, food preservatives, essential oils, grape seed extract, etc.

Additives for colouring and smelling products.

Flavours are regular substances used by common cosmetic shops to create smells, very rich and easy to "catch the nose". Organic skin care is different, we choose essential oils to create scents with a throne but pleasant, neurotic relaxation effect.

Let's try and apply the above knowledge to see what's in a Melibu anti-aging gel gel!

  • What is the first ingredient you see? Aloe barbadensis leaf juice - aloe leaf juice right? This is the liquid of the cream, with the task of providing water, moisturizing, soothing and smoothing the skin.
  • What is Melibu's fat? A variety of precious and nutritious vegetable oils for skin like:
o Safflower oleosomes (oil safflower oleosomes) are in the form of oil crystals, which means that the molecules are crushed to help easily penetrate the skin.o Sunflower seed oilo Soybean oil o Plus the famous moisturizing ingredient: Glycerin


• In addition, Melibu also has extremely special nutritional ingredients such as burdock root extract, lemon balm extract, coffee leaf extract, jasmine extract, rose, apricot, apple to bring Abundant source of nutrition is extremely "delicious" for your skin. Sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid) - moist "star" is also present in this product
  • Preservatives used in Melibu are sodium anisate salts against bacteria, mold and vitamin E (tocopherol) antioxidants.
  • Melibu uses orchid and orchid essential oils to create aroma, while bringing a sense of relaxation and mental comfort for users.

- Zenboté


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