The night is the time when the skin does not suffer from make-up, sun protection, dust and smoke. At 10-12 o'clock at night it is also the time when the cells in the body regenerate most strongly. Hence the night is the ideal time  for skin regeneration and refreshing. Therefore, night skin care steps are very different from those of day care.

So, which skin care products should only be used at night? Let's go with Zenboté to find answers to not miss this feature of the skin, enabling care products to maximize efficiency.

Special treatment products:

Each skin has a problem that needs to be improved: blurring acne, or acne, melasma, lack of water ... and to improve these problems, Serum is the most suitable product.

Serum is a highly concentrated skin care product with the presence of many active ingredients such as antioxidant ingredients, acids and vitamins.

Usually Serum has a liquid texture that is easy to penetrate but has a very high nutrient content, so you should use serum at night - the time when your skin is less stressed and has the highest absorption ability. The skin not being "disturbed" by dust and pollution. In particular, the more Serum types contain vitamin C, the more you should be aware of only using the evening!


Product reference: The multi-purpose lotion serum Pingin with superior Vitamin C content, together with the active ingredient hyaluronic acid helps skin to be succulent, fuzzy and light in color. Sugar-coated Vitamin C technology helps Zenboté lead to a product that effectively lightens skin to the last drop. 

High-maintenance products - cream:

Many people believe that serum can replace creams so many people skip this step. Actual serum has a lighter texture and can easily penetrate the skin, providing more active ingredients for the skin, so it can enhance the effectiveness of night cream but cannot replace cream. Give your skin a rich providing with a rich and thick cream texture.  

With oily skin, the appropriate ingredients can be mentioned as shirt chrysanthemum extract, jojoba oil, aloe juice, rum flower oil. With dry skin, vegetable oils are a wise choice for night skin care, including olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, argan.

Product reference: Nourishing cream enhances anti-aging Hero with 6 types of beauty oils featuring East - West, wood extract.  


Enhanced care products

After a day, the skin has been exposed to dust, make up, ... makes the skin extremely tired, now, in addition to the normal care products, the intensive care steps are a tonic for the skin.
Remove dead skin, apply a mask to remove impurities, a moisturizing mask - all rewards for the skin after a long day. Not only are they comfortable, these products also support your skin care cycle to be more effective, even if you only use 1-2 times a week. In particular, these products should only be used at night, after normal cleansing steps, leave skin to rest and enjoy the nutrients from serum and cream.

Product reference: Coftea organic purifying mask with ingredients from white clay Kaolin, coffee, green tea and red algae helps to periodically clean the skin, breaking the hair follicles that every day cannot be cleansed by a regular cleanser, remove all heavy metals and accumulated impurities on skin. 

With these very special night skin care steps, choose the most suitable products to have a really healthy skin the next morning!




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