What is the measure of beauty?

Since a long time, people live under duress of social norms for things that are considered good and bad. Woman beauty is no exception. Standardization of that beauty changes over time, but the gathering is still in the hot and perfect symbols.

Unfortunately, real life is not a dream and life is not a stage. Things that we find beautiful are not necessarily perfect, and what we don't see is not necessarily bad. But one thing is certain, none of us can ignore it:

- Natural face showing fresh skin sparkling under the summer sun and innocent smile of a young girl?

- The persistent, sharp and clever eyes of women in the international arena?

- The mother's warm arms for her children every afternoon after school?

In those moments, Love has invaded thee whole heart and soul.

The most beautiful women are not on the catwalk but in those very ordinary moments, when they dismiss all social norms or coverings, disguise to freely express themselves to all. What they have. That original, imperfect beauty certainly does not come from the outer shell but must be nourished from the deep inside.

Like any civilization, every country has its own standard of beauty, and of course, these criteria may vary according to the age:

The West of the 17th-18th century favored women with slender bodies, round white faces and monstrous, graceful faces. Europe of the 21st century favored a hot body, tanned, angular face and an outstanding personality


The East of the ancient times upholds the body of the "waist of bee's bottom", the frequency of algae and patience. The Orient of today is favored with bright skin, brilliant multicolored hair and a confident, quick-witted, stylish personality.


But do you know that you are beautiful? It is time to open your eyes.

Then only the soul will remain intact, ripe and profound with the same time. No matter where you live, at any age, kindness, sincerity, self-confidence, positive energy are always beautiful beauty that never gets old.

Like women, beautiful skin is not necessarily spotless skin. Beautiful skin is healthy skin because it is nourished from the inside!

Zenboté on the journey helps your skin find true beauty, a natural beauty, as unique as you are.


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