What is the difference between the Eastern and the Western conception of skin care?

Although the ultimate destination of all women in the world is to preserve the skin's youthfulness, the skin care of the East and the West has unique characteristics. How different are the beauty views of the two halves of the globe and what can we learn after finding the difference?

Culture affects skin characteristics and care

  • Food - Beauty from inside

Wherever in the world, Women have the same enemy: aging. A noticeable difference of East-West culture - eating habits - greatly affects women's skin. Westerners eat a lot of red meat, buttermilk, sweets - things that accelerate aging. Meanwhile, Asians consume a lot of seafood, vegetables, fruits - things that contain lots of oxidants and vitamins, slowing down the aging process.

• Cosmetics - Care from outside

Women around the world spend a lot of money and effort to prevent the power of time. However, if European women tend to overcome defects, Asian women prefer to use cosmetics as a tool to care and nurture the health of the skin.


  • Relax - Nice inside and out

Eastern people with traditional lifestyle, psychological distress, fight against aging right from a young age. Moreover, for Asian women, skin care means relaxing and enjoying. The process of skin care often includes many sophisticated and typical steps, namely the famous 10-step process of kimchi: removing oil makeup, washing face with milk / gel / mousse, exfoliation, Balance water, moisturize essence, serum, mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen.


Western women like the sun and love tanned skin. They usually only take care of their skin after they notice the symptoms of aging (often quite early) on the body. Devotion to simplicity and efficiency, no matter what your age, Western girls still apply only three basic skin care steps: skin cleansing (cleanser / exfoliator), balance (toner), deep treatment and moisturizing (serum / moisturizer). Also, use sunscreen only when necessary.


Climate, geographical characteristics also make a difference

At the age of 20, women all over the world are interested in the problem of oily skin, acne. The main cause of this phenomenon in Asia is the contribution of hot and humid climate and pollution, while in the West is largely due to puberty growth.


However, at the age of 30, the story goes in very different directions: Asian women fight against signs of darkening, burnt skin, while white women especially focus on reducing wrinkles. Asia is hot and sunny all year round, sunlight has a huge role in the formation of bruises and pigmentation. Meanwhile western cold dry weather accelerates the formation of wrinkles.

In addition, long-term sun exposure, large temperature changes between seasons of the year, harsh winters, drinking habits, etc. of Western women make their skin especially sensitive with other problems (eczema or red patches (couperosa / rosacea)).


Physiological characteristics of skin and different care requirements

Asian skin with thin outer epidermis is sensitive, easy to dehydrate, easy to scar. Meanwhile, genes that regulate the production of more melanin cause darkened and burnt skin. In contrast, thanks to the thick dermis, which contains a lot of quality collagen, Asian skin ages more slowly than others.

As for the West, women in this area possess a skin rich in both collagen and elastin (a protein that helps skin have elasticity), and low melanin should regulate white skin. However, melanin is the protective factor of the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) in the light, so white Europeans are more prone to cancer because there is less melanin guard.


The needs of everyone’s skin are very different, depending on the physiological characteristics of itself as well as the geographical and cultural conditions in which they live. Cosmetics of Eastern and Western brands therefore have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the conditions of use. Listen to your skin and choose, harmoniously combining cosmetic lines to find yourself an optimal skin care formula. The important thing to remember, a simple skin care process with very good quality products and tailored to the needs of the skin is the key to a lasting beauty


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