What experts say about the basic principles of skin care

Shalini Vadhera - celebrity makeup expert - author of the famous book Passport to Beauty - who has travelled everywhere to find beauty secrets of many peoples in the world. Each ethnic group, each product line has its own beauty conception, but in return, there are still general principles.

discover the basic secrets of skin care through the prism of Shalini Vadhera!


No matter how great a product is, it can't fit everyone! A product can match a person but doesn’t suit to others and it's perfectly normal because our bodies are completely different, no matter how similar the looks are. So, don't be surprised if you find your best use a product and works very well, but you don't get the same results on your skin.


The principle is: “Always starts things slowly and constantly listen to your body”. If you have sensitive skin, try to make your skin react to the new product by applying it to an area. Choose a small area like your wrist or behind the ear. Increase your intake each time and number of times a day if your skin responds well!


At which level?

Regular spa treatments are essential to maintaining healthy skin. However, when and how much care is sufficient? According to Shalini Vadhera:

- Do not ever do facial right before the big event. Why so? Deep massage and massage movements can disturb the balance of the skin. This can make your skin more sensitive, more responsive to make-up products, even a sudden outbreak of acne. So if you have an important event coming up, think about taking care of your skin carefully before at least 1-2 weeks.  
Basic, gentle facial can be done weekly. However, intensive skin care with complex interventions should stop at 1 time every 4-6 weeks. The reason is that after each specialized skin care, your skin needs time to recover, rest and regenerate. 

Bleaching & Sun Protection - Long-time couple 

If you apply a skin whitening process, it is imperative to use sunscreen. Methods for whitening skin, treating melasma or freckles are based on the principle of inhibiting the production of melanin - the skin protection component. Therefore, your skin becomes weak and needs protection more than ever. 

Applying sunscreen will help limit the effect of UV rays on your delicate skin, which supports skin lightening. Exposing the skin in the sun while following the lightening process will stimulate melanin outbreaks. And a dull skin is waiting for you after only a few days! 

The same principle applies to skin lightening creams, for example serum containing vitamin C. You should use them at night, and during the day do not forget to completely avoid the sun and apply sunscreen!

Exfoliation & Moisturization 

You already know exfoliation to remove skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. At the same time, exfoliation stimulates skin cells to regenerate and replace. Finally, the removed skin layer will easily absorb the nutrients in subsequent care products.

However, after exfoliation the skin is often dry and may burn. The secret is: immediately moisturize the skin with rich, post-exfoliating products for a particularly smooth, radiant skin! Many people - especially those with oily skin and those living in polluted areas - always believe that they need a powerful exfoliant, with very strong acid ingredients or very hard particles to grind, to effectively remove dead cell layers.

According to Shalini Vadhera, the truth is: 
- Skin needs to be moistened and warmed to expand pores before exfoliation
- Choose exfoliation products according to skin characteristics. With physical exfoliation, choose a kind with round, small natural seeds, size and density optimized for skin instead of large and angular particles.
- Apply a rich and nutritious cream to replenish the moisture and deficiency components for skin after exfoliation
Remember, exfoliation and moisturizing need to be "gentle" today in your beauty cycle! 



Clay mask (?) - Should or should not? 

If you are a lover of clay masks to deep clean dirt on your skin, while removing toxins and shrinking your pores, you will need to learn right away for a relaxing weekend evening. Before putting yourself in a warm bath, put on the clay mask. Hot steam in the bathroom will help pores opening and bring maximum effect to your mask.  

One more thing, with a clay mask, is the principle of never leaving the mask too long on the skin. The reason is that clay when dry and hard can eliminated the moisture barrier of your skin. Apply a mask in a steamy room so it is a good tip to make the clay dry longer. Anyway, don't forget to clean your face when the clay starts to harden! And never use a clay mask more than 3 times a week if you don't want your skin to dry and flake off. Only once a week for dry skin! Master these basic principles, it will be very useful for you! 

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