Let’s erase that acne problem, to make you smile again !

Acne - carved in the beauty of women, how to take care of the skin when the acne invades?

** Causes of acne formation **

Acne develops when the pores on the skin are obstructed by the accumulation of dead skin cells or sebum due to excessive production of the body. Bacteria that grow in clogged pores can lead to inflammation and acne spots

** Process of acne skin care **


Step 1: Clean gently but effectively


·         If you have a habit of wearing makeup or living in a dusty, polluted environment or if you are sweating a lot during the day, wash your face in the afternoon:

Double clean - Clean your face twice with makeup remover and cleanser. This ensures you clean the skin completely.

To avoid skin irritation and reduce the spread of acne, use a fingertip or a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe your face, including the jaw, neck, front and back of the ear.        

Avoid cleaning products containing soap and sulfate, strong cleansing ingredients that irritate acne skin. 

Step 2: Use Toner or tighten pores 

Depending on the ingredients they contain, Toner can help remove excess oil, tighten pores and moisturize, or help fight acne. Pay attention to the alcohol content of the product because alcohol can dry and irritate the skin, especially for sensitive skin and acne skin. 

Step 3: Apply medicine to treat acne 

After using toner, wait for the skin to completely dry and then apply acne medication as directed by the doctor. Pay attention to waiting for the drug to be completely absorbed before proceeding to the next steps

Step 4: Apply moisturizer

Never ignore this important step. Acne medication can dry the skin, causing thirst. To reduce dryness and flaking, apply a mild, non-oily moisturizer twice a day. Limit the use of oily creams because they are making pore secrete more sebum.

Step 5: Apply sunscreen

Don't forget to apply sunscreen during the day to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, to limit other lesions on already weak and sensitive acne skin. Now, you have seen that taking care of acne skin is not as difficult as you think, right? Just be patient and care properly, acne will go away. And do not forget that acne skin is very sensitive, please prioritize natural and organic products to achieve high efficiency but still safe

🍁 Reference products:

✅ Soft foaming cleanser Jasberry: Made on aloe vera with jasmine and cranberry ingredients, helps cleanse the skin gently Chama Balancing Skin Toner: Made from aloe vera and hazelnut water to help skin cool and tighten pores Copa Facial Cream: Contains ingredients of coconut oil and chamomile to help moisturize and alkaline oil. 




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