Truth about organic cosmetics part 2

Is anti-wrinkle organic skin care effective?

For a long time, many natural active ingredients have been used to care for weak, aged skin, losing elasticity. Among them, there are snow flower (edelweiss), elderberry (elderflower), muscat rose (muscat rose), prickly pear, etc., many types of vegetable oils such as argan oil, saved oil glasses (borage oil), evening primrose, avocado (avocado), or margarine (such as mango butter, shea butter). These ingredients provide a lot of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the skin.

Different from chemical products, synthetic, processed with high technology to help you achieve fast results, organic substances will not be able to turn Cinderella into 1 night. But high-quality organic nutrients will help your skin to be wrinkle-free, support sagging, and nourish your skin for long-lasting health. Remember, anti-wrinkle with organic products is based on the principle of preventing aging and long-term skin care.


Organic and allergy products?

It should not be confused that every organic product might cause allergies or irritation. Both normal and organic products can cause irritation / allergy. Although 100% natural products such as cucumber, tomatoes may have bad effects on many people like burning effects and redness.

However, remember that this ability in organic products is relatively lower than in chemical products. Everyone needs to understand the irritant / allergy factor for their skin. Cleaning agents, preservatives, colourings, chemical odours are the leading causes of irritation. Therefore, when encountering a phenomenon of strong irritation or allergy, you must listen to a dermatologist.

If you are allergic to lavender, of course you avoid using it, but this does not mean you should not use other organic products. Did you know, organic skincare also has product lines specifically for sensitive skin? The formula does not contain essential oils but  karite butter, chrysanthemum or hazelnut essence to soothe and heal the delicate epidermis. These products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, those who cannot use any chemicals. Texture and scent of organic skincare 

The scent of rustic wood and low-end texture are popular ideas about organic products. The problem is that we are so familiar with the scent and feeling that modern cosmetic formulations create.

The cosmetic industry has grown dramatically over the last 15 years thanks to the application of silicon and synthetic emulsifiers to create a smooth, glossy, elastic and exceptionally pleasant skin effect. With the scent as well, our sense of smell is familiar with sweet scents, long aroma of synthetic substances - those banned from use in organic cosmetics and completely replaced by scent from essential oils. Photo de zenboté n’importe quoi But today, with the development of science and the introduction of specialized laboratories, it has eliminated most of the "unpleasant" characteristics of organic cosmetics. New organic brands are now able to create completely organic emulsifiers that are as effective as chemicals, providing a smoother feel on the skin, a more sensual and pleasant scent. thanks to combining many natural scents. 

Organic skin care - helpful tips In France, Ecocert is the organization that controls manufacturing companies and its commitment to comply with the production process in a standard, accurate process. A cosmetic brand that is labeled "organic" when containing at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin, the remaining 5% is on the very limited list of usable substances. Synthetic flavors, artificial colors, silicon and other synthetic molecules, as well as animal testing - are prohibited. You can learn more Website of science information created by FEBEA (Association of cosmetic companies). Here, you can find a dictionary of materials used in cosmetics, applications, chemical interactions to understand the production process, how to read a label. There is no information about organic cosmetics, however, read on to understand what products you are using every day.Wish you will be a wise consumer! 




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