Have you ever wondered why acne sometimes develops in the forehead, other times the chin area or sometimes the cheeks? Anything has a reason and our skin has chosen its location for acne. What you need to do now is to read the location of the acne spots, thereby improving your internal healing process.


Want to take care of acne skin well, please understand the principles of each acne location (picture: Zenboté) 

Did you know, acne-prone spots signal the health of different parts of the body? Hey:

** Forehead **

The forehead is an area that is often associated with the digestive system, if acne develops in this area it is likely that you are having trouble digesting some foods. It may also indicate liver problems, stress or an irregular sleep schedule. 

Remedies: Try using bitter herbs or digestive enzymes such as bromelain and papaya before each meal to help digest foods. Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. If you suspect liver problems, try some dandelion tea or add garlic and onions. Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning can also help. 

** Between the eyes **

Pimples in this position can be caused by debilitating liver. At the same time, they also signal that you have to digest fatty, fatty, and alcoholic foods.

Remedies: Choose the healthiest food possible. Limit eating sweets and fats in the evening and eating near bedtime. 


** Chin**

In fact, chin pimples often appear because of hormonal changes on your menstrual days. In addition, the action of putting your hands on your chin when bored or tired also leads to bacteria accumulation and acne.

Remedies: In the days before your cycle, try to pay more attention to skin care. Consider eating mild and easily digested foods. Also, make sure you don't put your hands on your chin! 

Don't worry too much and suddenly one day your skin rashes on your chin. Because that's just a sign of hormonal changes! 


** Nose **

Acne that appears in the nose may be a sign of abnormalities in the spleen and heart.

Remedies: check your blood pressure regularly to identify changes in your body if any. Practice yoga and money to reduce stress. Eat clean foods and choose good foods rich in heart-healthy ingredients. 


** Cheek Bones **

Cheeks Bones : Stomach function is ineffective, bad digestion can cause acne in this area. Lower cheek, near jaw bone: Acne that appears in this position shows that respiratory activity is not good. In addition, the cause of pimples can also come from air pollution and allergen components in the environment. 

Remedies: So give yourself a healthy menu that provides lots of vitamins, easy-to-digest foods. Besides, keep the environment clean and free of pollution. Exercising, also helps you limit acne.


The skin never lies. Observe the location of acne to understand where your body is not. From there, change living habits and treat illnesses from within to support the acne treatment process effectively. Besides, please choose for yourself the acne skin care products that have natural and effective organic natural ingredients.

🍁 Reference products:
✅ Soft foaming cleanser Jasberry: With special technology Jasberry uses Decyl glucoside compound extracted from coconut and corn starch to deeply clean the acne skin gently. In particular, Jasberry also has cranberry ingredients that contain a lot of vitamins A, C, .. to help brighten the skin and this is also a natural ingredient that has the effect of mild exfoliation for skin. 

✅ Toner Chama water balance: With Aloe juice, helps soften and cool acne skin. In parallel, Chama also contains the juice of the hazelnut that helps tighten pores to limit oil secretion 

The couple is indispensable in cleansing for acne skin 





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