The Vitamin C and Zenboté

In order to help the skin look white, and evenly colored, Vitamin C Essence is a product that every girl needs to own at least once in the skin care process. But do you know there are actually many different typesof Vitamin C?

The essence of Vitamin C exists in many forms, the most common of which is concentrated ascorbic acid. However, Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, so it tends to be easily decomposed in terms of temperature, light and the presence of oxygen. Therefore, the biggest problem that most of the C serum in the market encounter is oxidized vitamin C, which completely loses its effect when reaching consumers or after a few days of opening the box.

For that reason, the use of serum vitamin C is sometimes ineffective, slow-acting or unable to maintain long-term effectiveness. Some studies also suggest that oxidized vitamin C not only has no effect on the skin, but can also promote aging.

To overcome this drawback, instead of the original Vitamin C, Zenboté uses sugar-coated Vitamin C technology - the most advanced protected technology to retain the most quintessential efficiency for users.

With this technology, each vitamin C molecule is combined with a sugar molecule. Vitamin C is encased in a thin layer of sugar, which helps vitamin C not decompose when it comes to oxygen. Only when applied to the skin and encountered enzymes, the sugar layer breaks down, the new Vitamin C granules are released and take effect. This means that Vitamin C in PINGIN Essence has DOUBLE EFFECTS compared to similar products and retains optimal effect to the last drop.

Another outstanding feature of Zenboté Vitamin C Essence is the ability to penetrate the skin very quickly, only 1-5 seconds, the skin will become dry, smooth - comfortable and very suitable for Hot and humid climate in Vietnam.  

In addition to the composition of outstanding Vitamin C essences, Pingin Serum also contains ginseng extract, pine forest, organic aloe Vera certified Ecocert, promising a radiant, even, light, nutritious and brighter skin. Acne will quickly disappear, clearly felt after 1 course of care.

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