The truth about organic cosmetics

Not only is a short-term trend, beauty with organic products became a trend for the cosmetics industry.

Are Organic products always more expensive than conventional products?

Yes, organic products are usually a bit more expensive because the inputs are organic cultivated plants instead of synthetic chemicals. They are rare and of a higher quality than conventional products. The organic farming industry is obliged to adhere to strict rules, not allowing any fertilizer or pesticide to be used. Therefore, material plants will grow at a slower rate, fewer numbers and ha are directly affected by climate change. That's why the supply of organic plants is limited and more expensive.


Operating costs for GMP-certified manufacturing plants, as well as the cost of certified organic products by reputable international organizations, are also one of the reasons that push up product prices.


However, don’t worry. Although the price is a bit higher, organic skincare is rich in live nutrients, with a high concentration that uses a few amounts of product. The time to use the product is therefore longer. Efficiency and safety are remarkable. In addition, to help organic products to be more accessible to consumers, organic producers often reduce advertising and packaging costs. In addition, the increasing interest of consumers also contributes to the large laboratories boldly participate in the organic market. The birth of more and more brands increases the competitiveness in the market, making the prices of organic products more pleasant.


Is organic makeup real?


Some organic cosmetics companies in the world expand their market share by launching a makeup product set. However, they are not completely organic.


There are much more complex formulas than skin care products, makeup products contain a lot of synthetic chemicals that we cannot replace completely with natural extracts. These include some special colors or famous silicon components, which are widely used to create smooth, flawless skin effects in foundation cream products, etc. 
Makeup products of natural origin only stop at the least possible the use of the chemical ingredients in the formula but cannot be totally eliminated. Thanks to micro minerals, beeswax, margarine and natural colours, organic makeup products have been able to produce cheeks, eyeshadow, and lipsticks with ingredients. Completely organic and effective to use beautifully across regular cosmetics. 
But to get all kinds of powder, foundation, powder with durability over 12 hours, lip gloss or mascara effect, you need to be patient for a while. Another time! 

Why does organic shower gel often create little foam?

A foaming product is due to cleaning ingredients or surface-active substances. In most cleaning products, sodium laureth sulfate is the most commonly used substance. This is a surfactant of chemical origin, easy to produce, cheap and special to create a huge volume of foam.

In fact, SLS washes too hard, is too rough for skin and cannot biodegrade. Therefore, organic cleaning products replace SLS with plant-based surfactants. These substances can still clean the skin gently but do not create much foam, this will make you slightly disappointed if you always want a white foam bath. But in return, your skin will retain its softness and smoothness.


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