The trend of returning to nature has begun to return in recent years. Vegetarianism is increasingly popular because of its green - clean. In beauty, surely many times you have heard the share of celebrities when they adopt the vegetarian diet and have improved their skin and physique miraculously. So is vegetarian really good for the skin as speculated? Let's find out with Zenboté!

Fresh and fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health and skin

** Vegetarian schools **


It is a lifestyle to eliminate all forms of exploitation and brutal treatment of animals as much as possible. Therefore, a pure vegetarian diet not only eliminates animal meat, but also milk, eggs and animal-derived ingredients including gelatin, honey, carmine, pepsin, shellac, albumin, whey, casein and some forms of vitamin D3


eat mostly plant-based foods but occasionally consume meat, fish, or fowl.  It’s a flexible approach to a vegetarian diet


This mode does not eat animal meat and eggs, but consumes dairy products.


People who do not eat all products of animal origin including milk except eggs

Lacto-ovo vegetarians People who follow this regime do not eat animals, but consume dairy products and eggs.

This regime restricts consumption of red meat or fish and seafood


People who do not eat red meat or poultry but eat fish


** Vegetarianism and skin **

1. Anti-aging 

Fresh vegetables, tubers, and fruits are good sources of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, which help slow down the aging process. In addition, fiber-rich vegetables also support digestion and excretion, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. The body "purified" from the inside will become healthy, the skin thus becomes smooth and rich in vitality.

However, there are no studies that show that a vegetarian diet is beneficial for aging skin. In it, a vegan diet (without animal protein or animal by-products such as eggs and milk) will make it difficult to provide the quality of body protein needed, especially their skin. Our skin is made up of a lot of protein. In addition, it is difficult to get some of the nutrients in animal-based foods such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. 

Carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes - Good aliments for aging skin 

2. Acne:
The vegetarian diet helps the body absorb high fiber content, thereby increasing the ability to eliminate toxins, purify the body, help reduce existing acne and prevent relapse.

However, some studies show that milk is the cause or aggravation of acne problems. Therefore, to improve acne from a vegetarian diet you should make a diet in which there is no milk, saturated fat (such as coconut oil), sugar and processed foods. This will help your skin improve markedly.

** How to beautify my skin? **

1. Balancing the nutritional composition, on a varied menu

To get a beautiful vegetarian menu, you first need to understand the properties of the ingredients. Prioritize ingredients rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants ... If possible, buy organic.

In addition, in essence, vegetarianism is self-limiting the nutritional supply for a single food group. Therefore, it is very important to set up a varied menu of vegetarian ingredients, recipes and flavors. This diversity helps the body and skin to get the necessary nutrients. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to receive vegetarian dishes, create excitement when eating and can prolong the vegetarian diet as you wish.


2. Don't skip meals

Many women think that eating vegetarian meals will help the body quickly regain its body shape and beautiful skin. However, this is not true. Our bodies need to be replenished regularly to maintain effective activities and work. Vegetarian food has less energy, so you should not skip meals. A hungry body will cause an imbalance in your body condition, and of course, fatigue will leave marks on your skin

3. Take vitamin supplements

In some cases, vegetarianism does not provide enough nutrition for the body. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to skin degradation. Talk to your doctor and add multivitamins if needed. 

4. Limit some bad foods

Although vegetable oil does not contain saturated fat, overuse is not good for the skin. Ideally, limit the food from grease. Instead, nuts can be used to provide the best vegetable fat for the body.

Limit saturated fats, refined sugars and preservative ingredients in coconut oil, sweets and processed foods. Carbohydrate-rich ingredients such as wheat flour and white rice are also not beneficial to the skin. Instead, choose whole grains.

5. Choose the right vegetarian diet

Fasting has significant health and skin benefits. Instead, be able to eat a vegetarian diet 1.2 times a week to purify your body and rejuvenate your skin. 

Like the body, the skin needs to be cleaned regularly and loaded with "clean foods" every day. Do not force your skin to "eat" too much of the chemicals in industrial skin care products. Look for organic products with completely natural ingredients, which are streamlined to completely store essential nutrients from heaven and earth. Always choose the products associated with nature to receive the purest, purest values ​​that creator bestows.




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