The real use of mask

Everyone says that the aim of a mask is to nourish the skin, to make the skin more beautiful and healthier, but do you know how the mask really beautifies the skin?


** 1. CLEAN **

Although this is the main task of cleanser and exfoliating products, some masks with specialized ingredients are able to wriggle deep into the pores, absorbing all the contaminants, dead skin and excess oil on the skin, giving you a radiant and clear skin.



This is also the most common use. Natural mask materials such as aloe, seaweed, etc provide important water and nutrients to help skin become soft and smooth. This is an indispensable mask for all skin types.



(dryness, oil, acne, melasma, aging, sunburn, etc.): In some types of masks that contain active ingredients with certain therapeutic abilities, this is also an option for you who are experiencing these kind of skin problems

Depending on the purpose of use, you will find many types of masks with different functions. Be aware to use it in accordance with the real needs of your skin!

If the girls of Zen want to find a mask:

  • Deeply purify the skin with white clay and extract coffee
  • Skin care with red algae and aloe juice
  • Serve the skin's freshness, slickness with green tea, horsetail grass and brown rice


then the "new member" called COFTEA toxin purification mask in the Naturalness collection is a solution not to be missed.

- Zenboté -


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