The rare essential oils of Zenboté

ESSENTIAL OILS The liquid contains volatile scent molecules with concentrations extracted from plants - one of the 10 basic ingredients of organic skin care. Here are the technics to produce Essential Oils: Distillation / Cold Pressing / Solvent extraction.

You already know that essential oils have the effect of bringing about a relaxing spirit scent that also works to treat skin problems very well thanks to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging properties. Citrus essential oils, jasmine essential oils are the kind you may have heard of. There are more rare and precious types such as magnolia oil, Royal orchid, purple orchids, even clove bud oil. Did you know about them?

Find out which precious oils Zenboté has chosen to use in their products! 

** Magnolia essential oil **

Famous for hundreds of years as the mysterious treasure of East and Southeast Asia, magnolia oil with a sweet, delicate and seductive aroma - is considered as one of the most expensive and effective essential oils. The world's most fruitful.

The value of magnolia flower oil is not only in the scent that can arouse the glamorous and feminine instincts, but also through the ability to erase the smallest wrinkles and to blur brown spots caused by acne and sunburn left. To do this, magnolia essential oil contains 63 phytochemical compounds with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

Thanks to these miraculous properties, magnolia essential oil has been selected by Zenboté and included in Chama Balancing Toner. It cleanses the skin gently but deeply with a very gentle anti-wrinkle treatment. The skin is soft, fresh and radiant after cleansing.

** Royal Orchid essential oil ** 

Orchids, Ylang-Ylang or cananga odorata are long and slender winged flowers, grown in Madagascar and Comoros Island. The name Ylang-Ylang means "flower of flowers"

It is not by chance that Ylang-Ylang is called the "flower of flowers". The extremely special scent of Hoang Lan is called the essential oil of "mistress" because the fragrance is extremely passionate and sexy, helping you to relieve the discomfort, stress and "winding up the spirit". Do you know Chanel No.5 perfume? This is the main ingredient used in this famous perfume!

Besides scent, royal orchid oil is also very famous in organic skin care thanks to its ability to regulate sebum, astringent pores. Thanks to the ability of "good" in balancing excess oil on the skin, Royal Orchid essential oil is often used in toner products for combination skin and oily skin to help skin to be hydrated, smooth and youthful. 

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of orchid essential oil are also used as an ingredient to soothe skin, anti-irritation and especially in acne treatment products or acne wounds. Photo de Melibu Do you remember the scent of Melibu Gel? The scent is not as sweet as a candy, but it is very stimulating and pleasant when used in the evening before going to bed, there is the presence of Ylang-Ylang!  

** Bergamot essential oil **

Shaggy orange, about the size of an orange, peels like a lemon, is not as sweet as an orange, but is less sour than lemon, and especially, its shell is very thick and has a very special scent of citrus. Bergamot - this strange orange name is also the name of the city of Bergamo - a city in Lombardy, Italy - where Bergamot is widely grown. In Vietnam, Bergamot has another name - Truc fruit - is green instead of yellow when grown in Europe. 

Unlike other essential oils obtained by steam distillation, bergamot essential oil is obtained by cold pressing. The most famous application of bergamot must be mentioned is Earl Gray tea production - the exquisite tea indispensable in every tea party. The fresh, refreshing scent helps the spirit to be more confident, glowing is one of the reasons the flavor of bergamot is popular from food to cosmetics. 

But that is not all, bergamot essential oil is a natural cleanser. Just add a little bergamot essential oil, all dirt, dead skin, excess sebum will be easily knocked down without causing any harm to your delicate skin. Also thanks to this cleaning ability, bergamot essential oil is often added to skin care products for oily skin to clean, disinfect, supply vitamins without clogging pores and balancing skin. - This is also the reason why Zenboté's Jasberry Soft Foam Cleanser is called Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot). 


** Purple orchid essential oil Orchis mascula ** 

The fragile flower of the forest is not only a decorative flower but also one of the most expensive precious oils. 

Purple orchids are often cold pressed to obtain the top essential oil in terms of deep moisture supply, water retention. In fact, purple orchid essential oil has been used by Japanese in skin care products for a long time. Only in recent years have Western cosmetics discovered the valuable properties of this flower.

Thanks to very high levels of polysaccharides, purple orchid essential oil can erase wrinkles, even the thinnest lines and brighten the skin. Because of this characteristic, purple orchid essential oils often appear in anti-aging products. Chama balance toner and Melibu anti-aging gel of Zenboté all use purple orchid essential oils to help the skin resist the devastation of time. 

** Clove bud oil ** 

We often know clove buds to create scents for dishes, but don't forget, clove buds also have a powerful bactericidal effect. Manufacturers do not forget this, so regularly use clove bud extract in acne skin care formulas to prevent superinfection. Picture clove flower
If you pay attention to the composition of cosmetics, you will easily recognize the skin-balanced Toner Chama and Melibu Anti-aging Gel of Zenboté. They are two products that use clove extract - both Great natural preservatives for products, both helps acne skin quickly recovered.  

Clove oil is also considered to be an excellent stress reliever, which stimulates psychological and eliminates mental fatigue. When used in appropriate doses, it makes you relax.  

** Jasmine essential oil ** 

The fragile tropical flowers that are fragrant are found around this majestic Mount Hymalaya in South Asia which is a widely used ingredient in beauty products. 

Jasmine has a detoxifying effect.  It prevents from the free-radicals that accumulate in the blood - an agent that destroys cell membranes, causes aging skin, and is vulnerable to external bacteria entering the skin. It also works to improve skin elasticity, reduce scarring and stretch marks. So, it is not surprising that the jasmine ingredient is found in many anti-aging, skin-lightening products, especially those for dry skin, dehydrated skin.  Referring to jasmine, don't forget the sweet scent, flattering by this fragrance, which can reduce stress, cure depression, anxiety and create a positive feeling for users. A double job, the same essential oil, we have both beautiful and healthy skin, and we also have mental health care. 

Do you remember this image? This is the symbol of Jasberry Naturalness foam face cleanser of Zenboté - the stylized image of this symbol is made from jasmine (jasmin) and cranberry (cranberry) fruit. Jasmine extract helps Jasberry with a very special sweet aroma and unique detoxification and cleansing ability.  

- Zenboté -   


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