The evening skin care steps

Surely after a day of work you will feel your face is wearing a very heavy mask and extremely tired, you just want to go home to clear this discomfort. Let's do the right and adequate steps to take care of the skin in the evening to have a light, airy, healthy skin!

1.      Remove

For makeup or sunscreen makeup, makeup remover is the most necessary cleansing step to "release" your delicate skin. Makeup remover is mostly oil-based products, capable of neutralizing makeup on the skin surface such as foundation, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara or sunscreen.

There are many different types of makeup remover on the market, but remember, only oil can dissolve mineral oil and excess oil on your skin. If the product contains a lot of water, be sure to include a cleanser to dissolve your makeup. If you have dry skin, remove makeup in oil, cream, milk is a good choice.

The oil helps keep skin moisturized and does not make your skin uncomfortable and dry. For those with oily skin, after using cleansing milk / oil, you should use an extra step to wash the face with foam to remove the oily feeling !

Makeup remover products can also penetrate your skin, so it is preferred for organic products with oil and margarine extracts instead of mineral oils, synthetic fats or bleaches.

2.    Facial cleanser

Facial cleanser helps skin remove dirt, sweat, excess oil on skin, is the main evening care step to return a light, airy skin for you.

If you have sensitive skin, take care to avoid cleansing products that use Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) because these ingredients will corrode your skin to make skin more irritable. The natural cleansing ingredients you can refer to are Decyl glucoside or Coco glucoside. These are 2 preparations from coconut that have the ability to foam, clean but very gently.

Product reference: Soft Jasberry facial cleanser for combination skin, oily skin or Mavo facial cleanser for dry skin.

  1. Remove dead skin cells

This is an indispensable evening skincare step for real girls who desire a shiny, light-colored skin

Helps clean dead cells, stimulates skin regeneration, replaces new healthy skin - that's the purpose of Exfoliation, but should not be used more than 2 times a week

For physical exfoliation products, cosmetic companies often use fine particles to dislodge dead skin cells from the skin surface. These fine particles can be made from microbeads or small crushed nuts (apricot seeds, peach seeds). However, micro-plastic particles have now become a more dangerous risk of environmental pollution than plastic bags and are now banned by some European countries. In particular, small crushed grains have a sharp edge, can cause small scratches that cannot be seen with the eyes but are a premise to form wrinkles.

To minimize the friction of these crushed particles on the skin, people often use cream or Gel. This is also what you should keep in mind when you choose products.

Product reference: HOBA mineral skin exfoliating gel - Zenboté Canda exfoliating from small, round, smooth bamboo seeds without causing skin damage, and supplying Silica mineral from horsetail grass, clean skin without causing damage to the environment. 

3. Toner

To cleanse the skin, facial cleansers are usually slightly alkaline and imbalance the skin's pH balance. To return a healthy, balanced, and slightly moisturized skin, don't forget the Toner to finish the evening cleansing step for the skin.

You should avoid alcoholic water balances because, in contrast to its inherent use, will make your skin dry, eroded, easily inflamed and irritated.

Product reference: Chama Organic balancing toner made from aloe juice, hazelnut, German chrysanthemum and magnolia, completely free of alcohol. Safe and effective for skin.

4. Purifying mask

Unlike a moisturizing mask that provides immediate moisture, the filter mask is used to "detox" the skin, remove all heavy metals, and deep dirt in the pores after a period of accumulation in the skin. Most purifying masks have a clay component to maximize pores. You should keep in mind that you should only use a face mask twice a week, each time not more than 7 'on your skin! For real girls who want a healthy, bright skin, this is a skincare step that cannot be missed.

Product reference: Coftea organic  mask with ingredients from kaolin, coffee, green tea and moisturizing from red algae


5. Serum

Unlike creams that only provide nutrients to the skin, Serum is a special treatment for skin problems and should be used in the evening. Lighter skin, melasma, acne treatment, deep water supply ... these are the most common effects of Serum.

Serum is used After using Toner and before using lotion. Because the evening time is the time when the skin is most rested, the absorption capacity is better so you should focus on using Serum in the evening!

Product reference: Essence of multi-purpose skin serum Pingin contains Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to help the skin to be deeply moistened, while blurring dark acne, light skin tone. The vitamin C in Pingin is applied to the latest sugar coating technology, which helps vitamin C to keep its effectiveness until the last drop without oxidation.  


6. Moisturizer

The cream will help your skin provide moisture and prevent skin aging, adding energy to the next day.

For evening creams, you can choose a cream with a thicker texture than day cream to add nutrients to the skin. However, you should not be too thirsty for creams that are too thick for your skin, they can easily clog your pores!

Product reference: Nourishing cream enhances anti-aging Hero with 6 of the most famous oils in Dong-Tay organic cosmetics and luxurious Tonic wood fragrance

Facial moisturizer Copa for skin from a Daisy extract - is dubbed Botox botanical and Coco caprylate - coconut oil extract is dubbed the vegetable Silicone.

Melibu anti-aging cream with antioxidant-rich ingredients from Perilla, burdock root, safflower oil helps to smooth the wrinkles


The evening is a time of rest and relaxation. Don't hesitate to give yourself some time, consider this your own time, reward yourself and enjoy the feeling of skin care and care for benign organic products.

What is special is that you do not confuse the evening facials with daytime because there are products that are only suitable for evening use. Wish you have a quiet time for healthy skin!

- Zenboté - 






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