Known as a positive anti-aging and nourishing product for skin, essence (or milky lotion), it became popular both in the East and in the West. However, ingredients to make them are very different. Let Zenboté find out what East-West essence has in it and how to use it!

Raw ingredients are always the leading factor to evaluate cosmetic quality

First, are you sure what milky lotion is?

Essence, often used after cleansing, is a mild liquid, containing many moisturizing ingredients. Has been created to prepare the skin to receive next treatments, it hydrates, and its texture is absorbed quickly by the skin.

** Common ingredients in Oriental Milky lotion & Western **

1. Water distilled roses

Rose water distillation is a liquid captured from the process of distilling fresh rose petals. It is a by-product of the production of essential oils.

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This water is famous for a long time in the West because it brings many benefits to our skin, especially its ability to deeply moisturize, firm skin, balance physiological pH, cell regeneration; It will also improve skin tissue, soothe acne, release itchiness due to dermatitis, eczema and especially prevent skin aging. The miraculous use of rose water makes it a "bright star" in general nursing products and milky lotions.

2. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe juice is simple, easy to find, very popular in Asia. However, the use of aloe juice is as much interesting as rose water in cosmetics.  Thanks to valuable ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E, B, Salicylic acid - aspirin antibiotics in natural form, aloe is famous for its ability to: Soothe and heal red wounds and eczema (especially special signs of itching, swelling, sunburn, acne), deep moisturizing, preventing and reducing wrinkles formation. Therefore, it is not too surprising when aloe contribute regularly in milky lotions. 

Aloe vera also has the ability to soothe the skin very well

3. Rice flour, almond flour

A surprise from milky lotion that is extracted from rice flour or almond powder - two ingredients that are close to everyday life in the East and the West - is the natural exfoliation effect, making the skin soft and bright. Rice flour is very rich in B group vitamins and many other minerals, which are proven to be extremely beneficial to the skin, helping to overcome the big, dull pores and blurring melasma. 

Meanwhile, almond flour contains a large amount of alpha-tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E and antioxidants that help the skin remove toxins and free radicals, become smooth, healthy, full of signs. effect of aging. In addition, almond powder also helps treat dark circles and moisture very well.

4. Oak trees extract

Beech bud extract is very popular in Europe, Asia and North America. Oak bud extract containing hydroxyproline helps increase collagen and elastin, increases skin elasticity and prevents sagging. Oak is also rich in vitamins and plant growth hormones, supporting skin regeneration, slowing down the aging process. In addition, it also helps keep skin moisturized from the inside and brightens the skin naturally.

Beautifying is an elaborate process and is not a quick process. Regardless of which girl you are, essence / lotion is always a great friend to help you nourish and fight skin aging. With this article Zenboté hopes you will get more of the ingredients in essence to make a product choice that suits your needs. Besides, Zenboté wants you to aim for benign and safe quality organic natural products. ­




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