the day and night skin care routine

The beauty of the skin is a sign that reflects the human being’s health. Careful and meticulous skin care is an important contribution to caring and preserving the beauty and appearance of every woman. However, at different times of the day, skin needs appropriate care steps. Let's listen to the needs of the skin night and day to get you the optimal skin care !

After a long night of sleep, your face immediately needs to be moisturized and replenished with nutrients. The skin care process currently consists of 3 steps: cleansing with a cleanser and balanced water, and then moisturizing.


In the skin care process, facial cleanser is one of the most essential beauty care products. Facial cleanser is used daily, it is used to clean face skin and remove dead cells. It plays an extremely important role in beauty and skin care treatments. After moistening your face and neck, apply a generous amount of cleanser, massage to clean it with cool water. Do not let the cleanser touch the eye area - the most sensitive area on the face.

Giving the skin the lightest and safest feeling, the soft foam Jasberry cleanser does not contain soap, nor sulphate nor allergenic ingredients. It has a pH in accordance with the physiological characteristics skin. The unique blend of jasmine and cranberries helps the skin to be clean and fresh, but also soft, smooth, without causing dryness or discomfort like other cleansers. Jasberry is suitable for all skin types, especially good for mature or oily skin or combination skin.

Skin balance
For passionate believers, balanced water (toner) has become so familiar in their skin care routine. After cleansing, our skin is not clean as it is supposed to. It even tends to dry out due to dehydration. Therefore, toner is important: it removes sebum and busy dust from the pores and helps balance the pH of the skin.

As a line of skin care products that symbolizes the perfect combination of Eastern flair and Western efficacy, Zenboté also launched a toner product called Chama. Chama is a non-alcoholic balanced water with a special formula of 100% natural and organic ingredients which help stabilize and balance the physiological pH, strengthen the natural protective film of the skin, tighten the hole. It is easier for skin to absorb care treatments when it’s clean and fresh. After cleansing the skin, you can spray toner directly with balanced water on your face and neck. Apply it gently, let it dry and apply a serum and / or moisturizer.


As to Help improve the skin texture, regenerative gel is an indispensable product to restore the skin which skin regeneration and sebum regulation effects. It soothes skin lesions due to external effects. In addition, the skin regeneration gel must ensure highly moisturizing ability, improve firmness and elasticity, giving the skin a bright, smooth and soft appearance.

For the skin regeneration gel line, Zenboté brings Melibu - a combination of two natural essence ingredients: Burdock (Burdock) extract and perilla (Melissa) rich in vitamins A, B, C and Antioxidants, which forms a powerful formula in preventing skin aging. The skin will immediately become smooth and soft, the wrinkles will fade. Melibu gives the skin a fresh beauty, lasting radiance and sweet fragrance of orchids. To use Melibu gel, apply a small amount of gel to the previously cleansed face and neck and gently massage.


Back home after a busy day of work, help your skin relax, relax with familiar methods: cleansing your face with cleanser and toner, apply lotion to moisturize. The fourth step in this process is to use serum to supplement the essence for your skin to be smoother and more radiant!

Provide nutrition

Deeply grasping the trend of increasingly intensive beauty of women around the world, the skin care industry always delves, explores and launches new cosmetic lines. The essence of serum rich in nutrients is one of the most popular beauty treatments today. However, on the market, most serum vitamin C types are quickly oxidized immediately after opening the box, making the nutrients of the serum all useless when applied onto skin.

Therefore, to solve this problem completely, Zenboté has launched Pingin essence to apply the most advanced technology in the world today, protected in a special kind of sugar. This pure vitamin C is only released when in contact with the skin, easily penetrates deeply to nourish the skin in a completely natural way, providing outstanding lightening effect. Pingin is a combination of two main ingredients in the recipe: Pine scots (pine forest) and Ginseng (ginseng), which have a deep moisturizing effect, helps smooth skin, bright white, clear blurring wrinkles.

Before applying the cream, use a generous amount of serum to pat the face and neck. Massage your face with the upward movements gently and decisively and wait 3-5 minutes for the serum to seep into the skin before taking other care steps. Please note, only use serum in the evening to avoid sunlight when using this product.

The skin of each of us has different characteristics, but still have the same basic needs: to be cleaned, rested and replenished after tired hours, constantly fighting with dust pollution and sunshine. Let Zenboté accompany you to perform the above day and night skin care steps to clearly feel the positive change of the skin every day.


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