the daily skincare routine

We often experience a lack of time. But that is no an excuse to skip the daily skin care steps !

Many people think that skin cares are reserved for the evening, but at different times of the day, your skin has different needs and so different steps of skin care. Let's listen to the needs of your skin and your own to find the most effective skincare treatment for the day!

Not too much, not too little, the basic needs of the skin are only encapsulated in: Cleaning - nourishing-protecting. Correspondingly, before leaving the house, you can take the following steps of skin care:

  1. Wash your face

This is an inevitable step and is usually reserved, after a long day of dust and pollution. But you probably forgot that:

  • Night-time is the most vibrant activity of skin excretion, excess oil, dead skin are available every morning on the skin.
  • Your skin has been covered with lots of balm from the night before and this is also the environment for bacteria to thrive
  • You don't sleep with a straight posture, right? So surely your face has been exposed to a lot of cushions, gas, and pillows - sources of dust and bacteria

These reasons make your morning face skin also need to remove excess oil, dirt and old skin care products. You can choose a mild cleanser, smooth foam for this morning's cleansing step, to wash your face gently and more quickly.

Don't forget this important face care step in the morning!

  1. Balance your skin 

After cleansing, our skin is still not completely clean, it even tends to dry out due to dehydration on the skin. This is the reason why toner is such an important skin care step, that it removes sebum and busy dust from the pores while balancing the pH on the skin. Remember, facial cleanser and Toner are always inseparable friends to complete skin cleansing!

  1. Skin care

Certainly, our skin, whether it's night or day, needs to be clean. It helps improve skin texture and a nourishing cream is one of the indispensable steps of skin care to regenerate skin, regulate sebum and soothe skin lesions due to external effects.

Don't forget to choose a lighter cream for the day! Good ingredients are often included in day creams, such as aloe vera, hazelnut, jojoba, safflower, lavender ... these are all easily absorbed ingredients on the skin, helping you have a lane. The skin is light and doesn't waste much time in morning care.

4. Sunscreen

You may not be satisfied when your skin is "irritated" after stopping sunscreen, but this is a solid "wall", preventing all effects from UV rays - the main cause of dull and aging skin. The effect of sunscreen may not be immediate, but you may experience a slower rate of skin aging than your peers without using sunscreen. So, don't skip this last skincare step before leaving the house.

5. baume à lèvres

Have you ever noticed that our lips are darker than our face? That is because we still often skip the steps to protect the lips and only focus on the unique lip colors. Before applying lipstick, don't forget a layer of balm: just take care of your lips, and protect your skin from chemical effects directly from lead lipstick, and protect your lips from UV rays.

You should choose lip balm that contains natural moisturizing ingredients to nourish the skin, avoid products with mineral oils, vaseline because these products only create an oil film around the lips but provide very few nutrients. Is this the reason you work hard to apply lip-balm but you still have dry lips?

You can refer to Joko Reconstructive Lip Balm for you who have dry, chapped lips. Super smooth lip balm with sweet fruity melts quickly on the lips, making the lips immediately soft and healthy. The formula contains 100% natural ingredients rich in antioxidants combined with vegetable oils that have excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties.

  1. Mineral spray:

 Mineral spray has the main effect of providing water to the skin and is considered as one of the basic facial care steps. However, don't forget that spraying minerals is just a temporary method of moisturizing. After evaporating, your face is still dry. So, don't treat mineral spray as an alternative to balm!

It seems like many steps, but in fact you just need to set aside 10 'every morning to complete the basic facial care steps. Selecting good and suitable products with perseverance every day will be the secret to a healthy skin. Whatever the product, the basic facial care steps are also something you should keep in mind - not too much but just enough but the effect is optimal.



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