The daily 6-steps process for skin cares

Our working and living life in increasingly busy. Stress affects human health, especially the skin. However, it is not a reason to accept an ugly and old appearance.

Find yourself a suitable skin care cycle to and turn into habits. Improve the beauty of your skin. The basic 6-step skin care process below is the key to a long-lasting beauty.



The first step is one of the most important in the routine: cleansing. Even if you don't have enough time or financial conditions to invest in a perfect skincare cycle, the simplest and the most economical method is to buy a good cleanser.


To cleanse, you should wash your face with warm water to remove dirt and clogged pores. Then, apply a small amount of cleanser onto the skin, gently lather with cool or warm water. Choose a cleansing product that is suitable for your specific skin type, such as creamy milk product for dry skin, the gel formula for oily skin, foam form for all skin types. With that, don't forget to remove eye makeup - a relatively sensitive area- with a suitable cleanser. Photo Jasberry
However, a rather problematic problem for cleanser, is that in the regular formulation, there are allergenic detergents and human health hazards such as soap and sulfet (SLS). At Zenboté, Jasberry soft foaming cleanser is extremely safe because it contains no dangerous ingredients in the composition and the pH is in accordance with the physiological characteristics of the skin. It is a special formula with soft tiny foam particles that deeply but gently cleanses the skin. The unique blend of natural and organic ingredients helps the skin not only to be clean and fresh, but also soft and smooth, without causing dryness or discomfort like other cleansers.  

Exfoliate dead skin cells  Exfoliating is extremely important in speeding up the production of new skin cells by removing old skin cells and blurring pores. Exposure to external agents such as UV rays, dust, plus hormonal changes and lack of vitamins ... will make your skin dry and lumpy. In particular, the aging process makes your skin become increasingly lifeless. Therefore, periodic exfoliation is a good habit recommended by many experts. To optimize the exfoliation method, you should take this step 1-2 times a week, in the evening before going to bed. At that time, the nutrients you use at night will easily penetrate the skin. In addition, the skin is more easily exfoliated in the evening, so it is best to do it on that time and especially on weekend to allow time for skin to relax.  To perform the exfoliation step, sensitive skin should pay attention to: exfoliating skin exfoliants. Look for exfoliants made from natural fruit enzymes to remove dead skin cells without stimulating microorganisms. Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate 1-2 times a week for normal or dry skin and 3-4 times per week if your skin is oily or combination skin. 




When the skin is exposed to a dry environment it loses its moisture barrier, resulting in split, wrinkled and translucent skin. Therefore, moisturizing protects skin from dryness, helping you to have a youthful and soft skin. It also prevents from dermatitis. After completely removing the dirt from your skin, apply moisturizer to your face, and gently massage it until the cream is completely absorbed. The best time to use moisturizer is after washing your face or after bathing because when your face is wet, it will help retain natural moisture in combination with moisturizing cream to help your skin look much younger and smooth.


Experts also recommend using moisturizing cream after cleansing in the morning. During the day, you need to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to help your skin retain moisture and protect your skin from UVA / UVB rays. At night, you need to use night creams that contain essential collagen, elastin, and lipid to regenerate the skin during sleeping. Gently rub a light cream on your skin and move your fingers in a circular motion upwards to spread the cream over your face. Encourage the use of rose water to enhance skin hydration.  Melibu illustration 
Understanding the ultimate moisturizing mission of lotion, Melibu skin regenerating gel of Zenboté is a super-light, fast-absorbing moisturizer that soothes and regenerates all skin types, even the most sensitive with new technology "oil crystals" (Oleosomes). The combination of natural ingredients including burdock, perilla (melissa) and safflower oil has created a formidable power in preventing aging. The skin will immediately become smooth and soft, the wrinkles disappear, giving a fresh, and radiant beauty.


Provide nutrition


Unlike moisturizers (including larger molecules), serum is a liquid skin care product highly concentrated in nutrient components prepared with microscopic molecules to deeply penetrate. It provides great nutrients for the skin. A serum can contain up to 70% of its essence (while the lotions for the container are relatively much lower), which is why serum brings better performance in shorter time. Choose a serum that suits your skin and needs: anti-aging, brightening, or acne treatment. However, on the market today, most Vitamin C serum types are quickly oxidized right after opening the box, making the nutrients of the serum meaningless when the serum reaches the skin. Therefore, to solve this problem completely, Zenboté has launched Pingin serum to apply the most advanced technology in the world today, protected in a special kind of sugar. This pure vitamin C is only released when in contact with the skin, easily and deeply penetrates to nourish the skin in a completely natural way, providing outstanding lightening effect. PINGIN PICTURE 
Pingin essence is rich in antioxidant ingredients, giving skin a youthful and radiant appearance. The unique blend of selected premium ingredients such as vitamins C, E, F; glycogen; Ginseng and hyaluronic acid turn Pingin into a kind of multi-purpose medicine: deeply moisturized, helps smooth skin, bright white, wrinkles


Apply eye-cream


The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive compared to others. Therefore, we need to use moisturizer around the eyes to increase moisture, resolve wrinkles, to prevent you from falling into dark circles around the face every morning after waking up. Choose a product with a gel formula with caffeine ingredients if your skin is oily and / or puffy. For dark circles, choose a cream that contains vitamin K. Gently pat the cream along the eyeball bone, around the outer edge of the eye before using moisturizer. 


Busy life, stress and environmental pollution are causing bad effects on our skin every day. Regular exposure to the sun and pollutants makes the skin dry and dull. If your work requires frequent exposure to the sun, the skin can easily be patchy, uneven, quickly appear dark, pigmentation and wrinkles. To regain the radiance of the skin, a mask is considered the best way to improve skin vitality. The mask is formulated with various active ingredients to improve some skin problems and nourish healthy skin. 
You can completely relax your skin by simply applying a mask over a period of 10 minutes, but it can bring about a significant improvement. Unlike regular cleaning to remove surface dirt, the mask can absorb impurities from the bottom layer of the epidermis. They also exfoliate, moisturize, protect and leave skin smooth and soft. Like serum, the mask also has many different uses for you to choose the right product: moisturizing, concealer or anti-aging. With sensitive skin, you can apply a mask to the scalp on the elbow to check for any negative reactions on the skin.


Performing 6 basic skin care steps, you will completely feel a skin improvement. However, it is important to be careful when choosing cosmetics cause normal cosmetics are full of chimistrials ingredients. Look for organic cosmetics that take advantage of natural ingredients, minerals and living organisms such as vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts, which are easily absorbed into cells, skin care and prevention, remove common skin damage, aime to improve the health of human skin in a safe and benign way


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