1. First day: Change the habit of cleaning

Every day, facial skin must be exposed to air pollution, dirt, make-up. Therefore, it is extremely important to wash your face properly with a gentle cleanser. This will remove scum, prevent pore clogging, limit the possibility of pimples, bringing fresh and clean skin.

Wash your face at least 2 times a day with cleanser. Then, use toner made from vegetable juices such as aloe vera, rose, green tea to restore pH and tighten pores.

In the evening, you need to remove bedtime makeup with specialized products, but be gentle. Prioritizing removing makeup with products containing oil instead of chemicals, minimizing harm on the skin. If your skin is oily, wash your face with cleanser after the makeup remover (double cleansing).  

Deep cleansing for the skin twice a day is the simplest way to have beautiful skin

2. Second day: Exfoliating

Dead cells appear continuously every minute. The accumulation of dead cells makes the skin rough, dull, and easily clog pores causing acne to rise. Proper and regular exfoliation helps smooth and radiant skin while enhancing nutrient absorption of nurturing products.  

Choose natural exfoliating products that do not contain sharp particles or abrasive chemicals. Use a massage finger oil in circular form to remove dead skin and increase blood circulation under the skin. Always rinse your face with cool water and apply lotion after exfoliation. 

Use specialized products for exfoliation

3. The third day: Eliminating toxins

Deposits and sebum accumulate deep in the pores that cannot be cleansed or exfoliated will need to be cleaned periodically. This follows two steps:

Steaming: One of the most effective and simple methods of removing toxins helps to unclog pores, making the skin ready to take acne or mask.

Applying Mask: For deep cleansing, use a mask with a clay component - a toxin-absorbing material, extremely strong and effective dirt 

🍁 Product reference: Coftea skin purifying mask 


4. Fourth day: Add fortified skin nutrition

Adding nutrients to the skin from special therapeutic serum, night cream, and sleep masks are continuously extracted from nature, so that your skin "eats" the "cleanest" and safest nutrients. Refer to the organic product lines that are extracted 100% from nature and certified by Zenboté's largest organic organization Ecocert here: 

5. Fifth day: Improve facial massage method

Facial massage is extremely important in improving blood circulation, making the skin rosy and healthy. Massage movements also help the conditioning product absorb deeply and nourish the skin better. At the same time, the upward strokes help rejuvenate and prevent signs of premature skin aging. In addition, some lymph node massage methods also contribute to effective removal of toxins in the body. Combine nurturing cream and essence for best results.

6. Day 6: Add fresh mask

This is the time to relax and provide skin with nutrients and antibacterial ingredients from fresh fruits and foods. Before applying a mask, remember to apply a 2-step deep cleansing procedure (removing makeup and washing your face) 
✅ Fresh milk mask + mashed potatoes for dry, aging skin

✅ Papaya mask grinds + a few drops of lemon for oily and acne skin 

7. Saturday: Improve skin health from inside

The skin reflects your own health. Maintaining a healthy eating routine is the key to beautiful skin.Prioritize foods rich in antioxidants such as green tea, avocado, broccoli, and nutsPrioritize fresh vegetables, tubers and fish. Use organic if possible. Limit sweets, processed foods, and starchPriority of quick and simple processing such as steaming, boiling, stewing instead of frying, stir-frying and bakingDrink plenty of water and nutritious drinks every day to make your skin smooth and moist.  

Zenboté organic product set provides all your skin needs.






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