When someone mentions algae, the first thing you can think of is the soft green plants that lie on the bottom of the ocean, wrapping around your feet whenever you have the opportunity to dive into the sea. In the same environment, a special algae is preferred by cosmetic companies in their skincare products, which are red algae. Why is this algae so popular?

Red algae contain high moisture content and antioxidant content.

** What is red algae **

Red algae, also known as Irish carrageenan / moss moss, scientific name "Chondrus Crispus", grows abundantly along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. When fresh, this algae has a soft, colorful cartilage form ranging from greenish yellow, red to dark purple or purple brown. The main component of red algae is polysacarit carrageenan, accounting for 55% of the weight. Also contains 10% protein, about 15% mineral. Especially red algae are rich in iodine and sulfur.


Great use of red algae

  1. Rich in vitamins:

Your skin needs vitamins and nutrients to function perfectly and be healthy. Red algae are rich in vitamins such as K, E and A, which help to brighten the skin, quickly scarring and slow aging.

2. Moisturizes:

Natural seaweed contains plenty of water and is capable of tissue binding. Therefore, when using red algae, the skin will be supplied with water and moisturized. Dry skin really apreciates the effects of red algae.

3. Skin protection:

Red algae are also known for their ability to protect the skin from UV radiation coming from the sun. This type of radiation is very harmful to the skin because it can damage the skin and even increase the risk of skin cancer. The first manifestation is reddening of the skin and burning in the sun. Thanks to this unique ability, red algae are present in many sunscreens 

4. Anti-oxidation:

Seaweed is a plant that contains a large amount of antioxidants that blur wrinkles and sagging. At the same time, red algae help strengthen the immune system for your skin, making your skin radiant and healthier. 

5. Evens the skin tone

Asian skin has a big common disadvantage: lack of color. In addition, acne, eczema, rash or dark circles also make the skin ugly. Red algae have the ability to make the skin even, smooth and youthful. 

With the miraculous uses of red algae, everyone wants this ingredient to be present in their skin care products, right?

Pay close attention to reading the component table, giving priority to organic ingredients, safe nature and quality. Don't forget to look for "Chondrus Crispus" in the INCI table of friends!

Reference products

Zenboté selects the highest quality red algae for the product of Coftea Purifying Mask and Hoba Mineral Exfoliating Gel. Coftea helps purify the skin, eliminates impurities deep in the pores thanks to coffee, Kaolin clay, and helps nourish the skin, preventing oxidation. Meanwhile, Hoba exfoliates dead skin cells with ultra-fine bamboo seeds, supplying minerals to the skin thanks to red algae. 



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