Flowers are a symbol of beauty. Each flower has its own meaning and beauty. Have you ever heard of the "flower of life"? A strange flower keeps many ancient secrets in it and gives people wonderful things. Read on to find out more about this mysterious flower!

** What does the flower of life mean? **

Flower of life is a modern name given to a geometric form consisting of equally spaced circles arranged to form a six-sided symmetrical flower pattern like a hexagon.

The flower of life is a sacred geometric symbol

You can easily find life flowers carved out on all pyramids around the world including Egyptian pyramids. It is considered a sacred geometric symbol, containing ancient religious and spiritual values, describing the basic forms of space and time. The flower of life can serve as a visual expression of the connection between all living things in life.

** The use of flowers of life **

1. Decoration

The flower of life has a beautiful aesthetic appearance and harmonizes different energies, providing protection and serenity for the places it is present. So, they are always chosen by people to decorate their meditation houses or jewelry and clothes. In order to promote positive energy and inner tranquility in people / objects. 

2. Healing ability

Some studies suggest that life flowers can support the healing process. This is based on the idea: sacred geometry affects the body as well as the mind. When you think that our own DNA exhibits geometric qualities, this is not too hard to believe.

3. Anti-electric pollution or electromagnetic field

Devices like mobile phones and computers always emit a certain amount of radiation every day. Currently, there is a lot of evidence linking the radiation of mobile phones and computers with illnesses. Flowers of life can help regulate bad energy,and protect people.

Placing a flower photo of life in the office will help you focus more

4. Spiritual value

If you have a close and sacred symbol next to you anywhere, anytime, you can easily reinforce your beliefs about the aspirations and values ​​you pursue. This is the sacred meaning of the flower of life.

5. Activate energy

Bioenergy disc is a special application of the flower of life, by attaching this symbol to glass plates / bottles. This application arises from observing that the vitality of plants becomes stronger if there is this symbol near the development process.

For example: The price tree is irrigated with water in the vase with the flower shape of life will germinate quicker. Or place an apple on a bio-energy disc and the remaining apple on a white sheet of paper. The apple on the plate is fresh longer.

This is explained that the flower of life can restructure water and activating the energy of water in all kinds of plants and animals, leading to better vitality. Using energy discs in daily life helps increase nutrition and prolong preservation time of fruits and vegetables and fish meat. Now you know about "flower of life". Imagine what a pure meditation space with flowers of life and what natural beauty treatments will bring to your soul and body 

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