The beauty and the Food

A beautiful physique comes from genes, and lifestyle!  


A beautiful skin originates from genes, a care alimentation and exercise. 
You see, our genome cannot be changed, but what you eat, which impacts directly your body, That we can fully control it. Join Zenboté to find out what beautiful girls usually eat, and you can apply it right away!


What do beautiful girls eat?

Salmon - Tuna: With abundant amounts of omega 3, salmon and tuna can reduce skin aging caused by sunlight

Green tea: Top 1 of antioxidant content - Green tea can neutralize free radicals that cause antigaging

Nuts: Provides monounsaturated fats - Nuts are a healthy source of nutrition for a smooth, smooth skin

Green vegetables - Less sugar: Green vegetables and fruits contain nutritious vitamins that can erase wrinkles, in contrast to foods that contain saturated fat such as meat, starch, sugar, which increase wrinkles.


Nonfat milk: Unlike pure fat milk, nonfat milk is a good source of vitamins, a nutrient for your body and skin without containing saturated fats that make your skin aging.


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