Sunflower seed oil - more than a nutritious food

Sunflower seed oil - vegetable oil has now become familiar to every Vietnamese family with outstanding effects in the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular disease ... But you know the seed oil is one of the most popular ingredients in organic cosmetics?

How to prepare sunflower seed oil?

As with most other vegetable oils, sunflower seed oil is formed by cold pressing the seeds of sunflowers, one of the flowers with the most oil content, the amount of oil can be up to 25- 30% by weight of input materials.

Pure unprocessed sunflower oils have a deep orange colour, a strong aroma of soil and a bit cold. After being filtered, the oil has a lighter colour, the smell is also much lighter - this is the most common type.

For organic cosmetics, mandatory sunflower seed oil is a cold pressed, organic cultivated oil and has high oleic acid content (unsaturated fatty acids, single). In the INCI component table of cosmetics, sunflower oil is shown in the name Helianthus annuus seed oil - In Greek, Helios means Sun, anthus means flower. Helianthus annnus - the sun flower blooms only once a year.

What is valuable sunflower seed oil?

Sunflower seed oil contains a lot of precious nutrients, minerals and vitamins that skin care professionals cannot ignore in this beauty formula. Among them we can say:

  • Main supply omega 3-6 & 9 • Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid and choline • Types of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphor, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium
These are ingredients in which the skin (and other body parts) are deficient and should be absorbed through skin care (topical) instead of eating.

Do you know how sunflower seed oil is beautiful?

Moisturizer: With a concentration of triglyceride up to 95-97%, sunflower oil is a natural softener, capable of infiltrating into the skin and providing nutrition. It helps the skin to be smooth and soft, and visibly reduce wrinkles. Sunflower oil is particularly suitable for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin but at the same time is one of the few vegetable oils that does not clog pores. Therefore, those who own natural combination skin and acne skin can use this oil in their daily beauty formula. 

Anti-UV: Thanks to the content of vitamin E, antioxidants, superior to other vegetable oils such as almond oil or shea butter, sunflower oil can neutralize the radicals by penetrating the skin when sun exposure causes sunburn or other signs of aging for skin. Vitamin C in sunflower oil plays an important role in collagen regeneration and reduces sunburns and dark spots caused by the sun. Therefore, sunflower oil often contributes to the work. formula of sunscreen, lotion after sun exposure. 

Anti-aging: Vitamin K - a special ingredient in sunflower oil - plays a major role in firming elastine fibers, thereby reducing wrinkles. Along with the top antioxidant vitamin E, C - participating in the process of collagen regeneration, vitamin K in sunflower oil reduces the rate of skin aging, giving the skin a smooth feeling and reduces wrinkles. 

Skin regeneration: Sunflower oil has this ability because it contains high levels of amino acids - substances that make up proteins. Because these substances are extremely fragile and easily destroyed by temperature, organic sunflower oil extracted by cold pressing method retains its excellent quality. 

Soothing common irritations: The preeminent ingredient of sunflower oil effectively supports the treatment of skin problems such as acne, eczema, irritation, dermatitis. 


How to use sunflower oil to beautify? 

Some people recommend to apply sunflower oil directly to the skin, but this way is not really suitable for the oil-rich characteristics of Asian skin, as well as the hot and humid climate of this place. The vegetable oil itself is not easy to penetrate the skin to exert its effect, so it may make you feel shiny even though it is definitely softer. 

Instead of using oil directly on the skin, we should look for products that contain sunflower oil in the composition with the right ratio for each skin type and apply special modulation technology to help sunflower oil to maximize the effect.  
Did you know that Melibu anti-aging gel in the Naturalness range of Zenboté is one of Zenboté products using sunflower oil as the main moisturizing ingredient.To help preserve the precious nutrients of sunflower oil and help the oil easily penetrate the epidermis, Zenboté has used Oleosome crystalline oil technology - one of the latest and most modern technologies of the cosmetics industry. This creates a layer of Melibu Gel that is extremely light, airy, and quick-absorbing. Makes the skin instantly cool, smooth, soft fresh and radiant.    





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