Oily skin, summer is here! Do you have a skin care process for this hot season? If you're still wondering if your steps of care are right, check out the suggestions!


The hot season is here ! Do you know how to take care of oily skin?

You know, acne is caused by clogged pores, which cause inflammation. Summer is hot, skin is oily, there is more dirt in the air, if not well cared for, it is easier to produce more acne. In order to prevent this situation, in addition to the basic skin care steps, you should pay attention to the number and quality of cleaning steps, and care about choosing the correct step. 


** Face washing **

This is the basic step in cleaning. Acne skin should choose for you a mild, moderate pH cleanser. Avoid all types of soaps and sulfates - very strong skin cleansers. They will cause dry, unbalanced skin, leading to a oilier skin, more easily proliferating and irritating skin.

Jasberry soft foaming cleanser - Use the ingredient Decyl glucoside made from coconut oil and corn starch to gently clean the skin. Besides aloe vera, Jasberry helps soothe acne skin. And many other rare ingredients such as cranberry, jasmine have the ability to exfoliate naturally and highly anti-oxidants to help lighten the skin. 

Jasberry with many rare ingredients helps soothe acne skin 

** Makeup removal **

The principle of makeup remover is to neutralize make-up with oil. In addition, oil in makeup remover neutralizes excess oil onto the skin.

In the summer, the pores expand, the skin enhances sweating and oil leads to pores that are easily blocked by impurities, excess oil, sunscreens or makeup products. Acne will be more serious if the skin is not cleaned enough. Therefore, whether make-up or not, acne skin should not skip the makeup removal step, especially with vegetable oil cleaning products instead of mineral oil or strong detergents. 

🍁Reference products: Mavo multi-purpose cleansing milk - According to the oil-soluble oil method, Mavo uses avocado oil to remove excess oil, impurities and makeup layer gently, nourishing the skin in parallel. At the same time, Mavo contains tangerine fruit rich in vitamin C, which also helps blurring acne blemishes. 

Mavo multipurpose cleansing milk contains natural ingredients rich in nutrients for acne skin 

 ** Removal of dead skin & impurities, use a purifying mask! **

Every day, the skin constantly eliminates dead cells. Dead skin cells that remain on the skin for a long time lead to clogging pores of acne. Each week 1-2 exfoliation will help remove all dirt from pores and dead cell layers.

Similarly, regular facial cleansers do not get all the deep residue in the pores. Therefore, the toxic exhaust mask with clay or coffee ingredients will be ideal for oily and acne skin.

With these 2 additional care steps, acne skin will see marked improvement. The skin becomes clear, clean, less dull. Acne is less likely to appear


🍁Reference products:

 Hoba remineralizing exfoliator: Remove dead skin for skin thanks to the composition of bamboo powder, with very small round particles that do not damage acne skin when used. In addition, bamboo ingredients and Hoba horsetail contain high levels of organic silica that provide minerals to the skin, making the ruddy skin healthy.

Coftea Purifying mask: Removes impurities and acne by the use of Kaolin Clay and Coffee. Besides, Coftea helps soften and moisturize with aloe juice, preventing signs of aging by extracting brown rice, green tea, red algae and horsetail.


** Moisturizer **

Never ignore this important step. In summer, it makes acne skin need water, if you don't provide enough moisture to your skin, it makes it easier to release oil. To reduce dryness and flaking, apply a mild moisturizer & oil free twice daily. Limit the use of oily creams, viscous make the secretive pores lead to more severe acne.

Reference product: Copa Balancing Facial Moisturizer - A specially thin, light formula that dissolves quickly, helping the skin to regulate oil secretion and remain smooth. 

Copa balancing cream - A companion of oily and acne skin 

** Sunscreen cream **

This should be part of your morning skincare routine throughout the summer. They will help you prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, repel the formation of melanin pigment - the agent that causes skin darkening, acne and other signs of aging. Acne skin should pay attention to the use of lightweight, non-clogging pores (non comedogenic) and has an SPF of 30-50 for the tropical climate. 

Zenboté hopes this article will help you strengthen the perfect acne skin care process. Do not forget to choose for yourself the safe, benign and effective organic products for your acne skin! 





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