Streamline Skin Care!

In the booming beauty revolution around the globe, skin care cosmetics are considered as a powerful weapon, favoured by women and cost a lot of money to shop. However, not everyone knows how to choose cosmetics correctly and smartly.

Immerse yourself in several brands, east-west products, old-fashioned secrets, confusing processes dozens of steps ... Do you know your skin is "suffocating" and "poisoning" every day? Do you understand what the skin's real needs are and how to evaluate the quality of skin care products and choose the best ones for you?

What is the actual skin need?

In fact, the needs of human skin are simple, encapsulated in 3 basic steps of care:

+ Cleaning: remove cosmetics, dirt, lubricants on skin with cleanser. Add toner to clean more and to balance skin. Twice a week, cleanse your skin deeply by exfoliating and massage to renew, smooth, balance your skin and enhance absorption of care products.

+ Moisturizing: helps maintain the softness of the skin, limiting the formation of wrinkles through the supply of water and nutrients from creams, serum, masks.

+ Protection: sunscreen, indispensable anti-aging weapons.

So, in fact, your skin doesn't need 10 steps to take care of right away. For beautiful skin, you only need some important products in hand, but the quality must be excellent: Gentle cleanser, water balance, lotion and serum, add a bottle of sunscreen. If possible, use an exfoliating cream and mask. That's more than enough!

Be a smart and knowledgeable consumer! Instead of investing in quantity, care about quality.


How the evolution of quality evolved?

Little known brands do not have eye-catching packaging, aggressive marketing campaigns with gifts and models actors/ actresses. They only have the little component board on the box that tells you the true quality of the product.

Along with the development of technology, the world cosmetics industry has recently succeeded in finding a perfect alternative. Have you heard of organic cosmetics? Unlike traditional cosmetics, natural and organic cosmetics use fresh natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, essential oils, plant extracts, not only safe, easy to absorb but also extremely effective. in nourishing and protecting skin. Not surprisingly, natural and organic cosmetics are emerging strongly in the West and are considered as future of cosmetics worldwide.


Improve skin care with organic products from the maple leaf country

Simple - Sophisticated - Effective - Unique is what you will feel right from the first contact with the new "made in Canada" set in Vietnam.

Zenboté’s researches, its development and production -in Canada-, the organic certification from ECOCERT (the most prestigious organization in the world) ensure a beautiful panel of ingredients and products!

The uniqueness of the Brand is built on the inspiration "East-West converges". Behind each product is a unique formula that combines typical Eastern and Western ingredients, like their sensual juxtaposition. Pingin represents South American pine forest Scots Pine and Ginseng (Korean Gingseng), Jasberry is Thai Jasmine  and Cranberry.

Surely you will enjoy an extremely delicate aroma "addictive" coming from rare essential oils such as passionate magnolia or mysterious white jasmine coming from the East.

Moreover, the design is both simple and sophisticated. It is a bottle of bamboo with wood, and unique illustrations made with Chinese ink containing luxurious Asian beauty.

According to the motto "little but pure" - simple but quality - Zenboté presents The 4 most important products for the skin:

- Soft foam cleanser Jasberry: Soap-free and sulphate-free cleanser with a pH suitable for skin physiological characteristics, sweet and warm aroma of orange and cinnamon essential oil. Unlike other cleansers, the mild cleansing ingredient is made from corn is Decyl Glucoside and combined with aloe vera juice and Jasberry's green tea essence, which helps to clean the skin and leaves a soft and smooth effect.








- Chama balancing water: specially formulated from 100% natural and organic ingredients, alcohol free, with sweet magnolia flavour to stabilize and balance physiological pH. Strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin, tightens pores, cleanses and cool the skin. It prepares skin to absorb next treatments.

- Melibu anti-aging moisturizing gel: Based on New technology "oil crystals" (oleosomes) with a combination of burdock, perilla (melissa) and safflower oil to bring an ultra-light, fast-absorbing gel. It makes the skin instantly look cool, smooth, soft, fresh and radiant.


- Pingin multi-purpose essence: One of the few organic vitamin C serum available in the market, Pingin "takes attendance" in the face of high-class selective materials of high-grade skin care products like vitamin C , E, F; glycogen; Ginseng, hyaluronic acid and pine forest essential oil.

Especially, unlike the other 90% vitamin C serum, Pingin applied the "sugar coated C" technology (the vitamin C ingredient in the formula is ascorbyl glucoside, the vitamin C technology combined with glucose) increasing the effectiveness of the vitamin C.  With its deep moisturizing abilities, it soothes and brightens the skin. It also blurs wrinkle. For all those reasons, Pingin is Zenboté’s Best Sellers !


Hope you have a good understanding and proper choice of skin care products, for healthy and long-lasting beauty !!!




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