Soybean oil – Eastern women’s beauty secrets

Referring to vegetable oil in beauty, only mention olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil ... is indeed a major shortcoming. Soybean oil - the oil that occurs very often in your kitchen, is famous for its ability to reduce cholesterol, good for the heart - in fact is also one of the "top" vegetable oils to help skin care.

Soybean helps to condition the skin

 After washing, drying and beating, in industry, soybean oil is extracted by soaking beans in chemical solution hexane, a petroleum distillate, which helps to remove oil from pulp and oil roll. Hexane is then evaporated, leaving soybean oil. Further processing steps include: filtration, bleaching and hydrogenation (which makes the oil thicker and more stable).


Unlike industrial production, soybean oil used in organic skincare must be produced from organic soybean seeds, not genetically modified and cultivated under strict organic processes. The extraction uses the "COLD PRESSED" method, which uses mechanical force to force soybeans to get oil. Because there is absolutely no chemical or heat  used in the pressing process, and no cleansing, the finished product has a dark colour, is solid, has a slightly strong odour and especially retains almost all nutritional values.

Secrets of soybean oil

What makes soybean oil a precious ingredient for human skin?

  • Soybeans contain more than 51% of linoleic acid, so it is an abundant source of unsaturated fatty acids & omega 6.
  • Soybeans contain vitamins E, K, B - extremely powerful and valuable nutrients and antioxidants.

One of the outstanding effects of soybean oil is its ability to protect skin from UV rays, avoiding free radical formation with the antioxidant ability of vitamin E. For sunburned skin, soybean oil also is a saviour thanks to the ability to soothe, kill bacteria, help to regenerate the damaged skin.

Vitamin E and linoleic acid in soybean oil are the perfect moisturizing duo for the skin without clogging pores. Along with vitamin E, B, K, soybean oil can blur wrinkles, promote skin regeneration process, increase elasticity for collagen and elastin fibers, making a smooth, youthful, healthy and stronger skin.  
Another very uncommon but unique effect of soybean oil is its ability to dissolve excess sebum on the skin, pulling out sebum and dead cells in the pores. Therefore, soybean oil is also used in cleansing and exfoliation products for acne oil. Soybean oil and ZENBOTE


With such valuable uses, soybean oil is used as an important ingredient for Melibu Anti-Aging Gel. Along with lemon balm extract, burdock root, crystalline rum oil, soybean oil helps Melibu to excel in nourishing, protecting, and anti-aging skin. Especially, the fast absorbing ability creates a dry, airy feeling, suitable for all skin types including combination skin.

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