* Who in life also had on the face a few spots of acne,  red acne, hidden acne, not to mention blackheads anymore! Do you really distinguish the types of acne, understand the cause of the formation and how to prevent them? Join Zeboté to learn how to take care of acne skin properly!


  • Causes: Whiteheads form because the skin has too much oil, combined with dead cells that clog pores causing acne. The acne is located in the pores, hard and white. Acne can be floating on the face but not swollen and not red. However, the occasional tiny whiteheads grow all over the face often due to allergies to the care product.
  • Solution: Clean the skin with a cleanser every day, to remove oil from the skin to avoid clogging the pores. Remove dead cells 1-2 times / week, use toner after cleansing to balance skin and minimize pores.


  • Causes: These are small black spots that stain on your skin, mostly around the nose area. Acne is in open mouth pores, exposed to oxidized outside air that turns black.
  • Solution: Your skin may be dry in the area of ​​acne. Acne in the nose can also be a sign of liver failure. You should try a short detox diet to cleanse your body. Drink plenty of filtered water and toxic vegetable juice. Steaming, applying a clay mask regularly will help limit blackheads.

Hidden Acne:

  • Causes: Unlike other types of acne, this acne is hidden deep beneath the skin surface and swollen. Acne hides long and quite deep in the skin. Therefore, squeezing acne is quite difficult, easily leading to inflammation into bumps and pustules. All skin types can get this type of acne. It may be due to hormonal problems in special stages such as menopause, premenopausal, childbirth and lactation. Or may also be related to digestive problems.
  • Solution: Moderate mild acne can gradually go away on your own if you ensure proper skin care and care. Absolutely not squeeze hidden acne because the lesion can be concave scar causing aesthetic later. Consider adding probiotics in your diet (from things like yogurt and kefir).

 Red acne:

  • Causes: Acne is a red and painful type of acne that is hard to see, so it is difficult to remove acne. Redness is likely to lead to very high acne if not treated properly. If the acne spots occasionally develop suddenly, stress is one of the most common factors. In addition, improper facial hygiene is also a factor. 
  • Solution: Please clean your face and keep your face clean. Limit makeup during acne treatment. Using acne treatment products can reduce inflammation and dry acne. Do not squeeze acne when the acne is not yet mature. 

severe Acne:


  • Causes: severe acne usually forms when acne is infected. Acne usually contains lots of pus inside and causes pain, easy to leave scars after healing of acne due to infection deep in the skin cells. The habit of pruning acne is one of the common causes of acne that often turns into acne.
  • Solution: Clean the skin thoroughly, avoid touching the bumps so that they do not become inflamed and spread. Use special acne skin care products on each acne spot to finish treatment.

Acne skin is a difficult skin type. Once you understand each type of acne, you will know how to handle it more easily. If you're in the process of taking care of acne skin, in addition to treating acne, don't forget that the skin still needs to be cleaned and moisturized. Consider carefully about skin care products, so prioritize mild, benign, low-chemical products, and if they contain natural ingredients that support and nourish acne treatment nothing else. 

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:• Hoba remineralizing exfoliator: Actually acne skin also needs exfoliation, to prevent the accumulation of dead cells leading to more acne. Hoba contains bamboo ingredients with a very small size that helps you to remove light dead skin without damaging the skin. At the same time, silica-containing Hoba is found in bamboo and horsetail is a mineral-rich ingredient.

• purifying mask Coftea: Especially with acne skin, Coftea helps you eliminate pimples and impurities in pores thanks to coffee ingredients and kaolin clay. This will be a safe choice for your acne skin to remove impurities.  




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