Sleep well, you’ll be a beauty.

Do you remember of the sleeping beauty? You will say, "Oh, it's just a fairy tale!" Therefore, you do not know which famous BEAUTY SLEEP method. The great thing is that when you get enough sleep, your skin will get the benefits that no medicine or cream can bring. Let's learn with Zenboté!

How does sleep support beauty & skin?

Night is the best time for your skin to recover itself and absorb the anti-aging benefits from every product. Because at night, your body does not have to deal with bad environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution and extreme external temperatures. Sleeping will provide:

  1. Less wrinkles: Skin produces new collagen when you sleep, which prevents sagging of the skin. More collagen also means more stretched skin and less wrinkles.
  2. Brighter color: Blood circulates and enhances flow to the skin while you sleep. That means you wake up with a radiant, healthier skin.
  3. Eyes are brighter, less puffy: You need a good night's sleep if you don't want to wake up with puffy eyes the next day. At the same time, your eyes will light up, reduce dark circles when you sleep well.
  4. Nourishing products maximize benefits: Skin's self-healing ability along with good blood circulation will help skin absorb maximum nutrition in beauty products.

Good sleep habits for beautiful skin

  1. Clean your face: Before going to bed make sure your skin is completely removed with makeup and impurities. Once the skin is clean, the bacteria have no chance of developing, the creams also penetrate better.
  2. Moisturizer: Moisturizer is always your best friend. Therefore, applying a moisturizer before going to bed and drinking enough water during the day will help your skin stay hydrated in the night and plump the next morning.
  3. Use vitamins for skin: The use of Vitamin C at night helps to lighten brown spots, thicken the epidermis, stimulate collagen production to make your skin younger. Dark circles under the eyes are a common phenomenon related to lack of sleep. One study found that women who used eye creams containing vitamin K and retinol every night for 12 weeks saw a marked improvement in this problem.
  4. Change your sleeping position: Regularly sleeping sideways or worse, putting your face on your pillow will cause wrinkles on your forehead, nose and chin. Try lying on your back to limit wrinkles on your face.


  1. Quality pillow: Priority of linen, satin, absolutely smooth things when exposed to the skin, avoid friction causing irritation or the formation of wrinkles on the face. Don't forget to wash your pillow every week.
  2. Check the bedroom environment: Cool temperatures below 20oC help sleep better. Also dry air when turning on the air conditioner or heater can damage your skin. Place a humidifier or a large bowl of water next to the fireplace in the bedroom. Humid air will help your skin become less itchy.


A good and full-time sleep is more precious than gold, not only with your body, but also your skin and beauty. Also, don't forget to choose safe and effective skin care products. Zenboté gives you products that are refined from precious natural ingredients, certified by the world's most prestigious organization Ecocert:





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