Blackheads and large pores are important causes of rough, dull, and smooth skin. It is also quite stubborn problems that women tired of seeking to eliminate. Many products not only do not bring results but also make the skin worse. So is there any way to stop big pores and blackheads? Let's find out with Zenboté!

** Mechanism of forming blackheads ** 

Blackheads are acne resultat located in open pores. They turn black when oxidized with air contact. When squeezing, the upper part of the acne will be black, but the lower body will be milky or slightly yellowish. Blackhead acne is the earliest condition of acne. If not treated early, you will easily suffer from inflammatory acne.

** Causes of large pores ** 


  • The first reason is due to the strong oil line. For those of you with mixed skin, especially oily skin, greasy glands distributed in the T-zone (Forehead, chin nose). Therefore, the pores in this area will be larger than the rest of the face.
  • The second cause is long-term pore obstruction. Dirt and dead cells combine with excess oil on the skin to clog pores. The subcutaneous oil gland is constantly active, extruding onto the skin surface. All of these factors cause stasis, leading to skin rashes. And of course, the size of pores significantly increased.

** Remedies **

Do not use soap cleansers containing soap, sulfate or strong cleaning products. These substances will take away the natural oils of the skin, making the skin more oily and clogging pores. Instead, choose gentle cleansing products with natural cleansing ingredients.

Reference Products - Soft foam cleanser Jasberry: Foam cleanser does not contain soap, sulfate (SLS) or allergenic ingredients, with a pH suitable for the physiological characteristics of the skin. Special recipe with soft, soft foam particles, sweet orange flavor, cinnamon will deepen the skin gently. The unique blend of natural and organic ingredients helps the skin not only clean and fresh but also makes the skin soft and smooth.

Avoid using exfoliating products extracted from fruit or silicon nuts because these particles are large and sharp, making the skin vulnerable, causing acne.


Product reference - Super fine Hoba exfoliating gel rich in organic bamboo silica, brown rice extract and rosemary help completely remove dead cells and makeup products left on skin, pay The skin is shiny, radiant and feels velvety. Always remove makeup before going to bed: Using cosmetics in a certain time without incorporating makeup will make sebum and dirt accumulate in pores forming acne and enlarging pores.

 Product reference- Mavo Versatile Makeup Cleanser, rich in precious nutritious ingredients such as aloe juice, shea butter, avocado oil to help remove makeup gently and effectively, while nourishing deep inside, giving skin a refreshing, soft and radiant look. Delicate aroma of essential oil Western eucalyptus dotted with Oriental Magnolia brings a feeling of relaxation.  

Use clay mask 1-2 times / week: Clay can absorb all the excess oil and dust in the pores that make-up and normal face wash products do not. Clay has the ability to reduce blackheads very effectively. 

Product reference: Organic purifying mask Coftea Zenboté Canada is made of white clay Kaolin - soil absorbs well, helps optimize cleaning without too dry for the skin. Green tea and coffee extracts help skin release toxins and antioxidants. Red algae extract helps to give minerals to the skin and erase impurities. 

- You think oily skin means the skin is excess water and no need to supply moisture! It is a misconception of many people. The more thirsty the skin is, the less the moisturizer is loaded every day, the more active the sebaceous glands will work, stimulating more oil to balance the moisture on the skin. And obviously this time acne will have an ideal environment to grow and develop. ...

So use more balancing creams to have ideal moisture 

Product reference: Copa skin balancing moisturizer: Ultra-light texture cream, quickly dissolves into the skin, bringing unique moisturizing ingredients with high antioxidant vitamins to help the skin find balance, smooth, elastic, which has the same feeling of dryness and comfort with absolutely no shine.

- Apply specific drugs to treat blackheads according to the doctor's instructions.
For large pores and blackheads, we need to carefully select care products. Which prioritizes deep cleaning but should be gentle to the skin. Effectively moisturize, and limit oil secretion with maintenance products exclusively for oily and acne skin. In addition, you need to have a proper diet and nutrition, pay attention to adding lots of vegetables, fruits and drinking enough water. Together with Zenboté, big blackheads and pores are no longer an obsession!






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