Skin Needs

It can be said that skin care has now become an essential need for women. It is reasonable for a beautiful skin to be more important than all other elements of its appearance, showing its youthfulness, vitality and beauty.

However, what are the real needs of  skin are and what are the key points to have beautiful skin?
This paper analyses the basic and simple practical needs of the skin.


Firstly, skin needs to be cleaned to be healthy and fresh. Removing cosmetics, dirt, and lubricants on the skin every day is very important because it prevents the growth of bacteria that causes inflammation, it eliminates dead skin cells making skin smooth and bright. The nutritional ingredients in nourishing cream can therefore penetrate the skin quickly and promote better performance.

Using a good face wash product is actually more important than most people think. Remember, a poor-quality bottle of cleanser makes the skin deteriorate faster than any other product. The most difficult thing that not many products can do is to clean deeply without making the skin dry and flaky. Most of products on the market contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), a powerful detergent, which quickly cleanses the oil on the skin but also eradicates the natural oil. Similarly, high alkaline products are extremely harmful to the skin.

Good facial cleansers are even more expensive than body lotions, but this is a wise investment because you don't need to use too many products to "improve and repair" the negative effects poor quality skin cleanser. A good facial cleanser contains a mild cleansing ingredient, a grass extract that helps to gently and safely clean the skin. At the same time, they contain natural extracts, butter or vegetable oils that nourish and protect the natural membrane of the skin. The pH of good products must be close to the physiological pH of the skin (5.5).

Moisturize and protect

The most important factor of a beautiful skin is moisture. Moisture helps to maintain softness, smoothness, glossiness of the skin, and it bounds the formation of wrinkles and sagging. Lack of moisture causes dry, flaky, dull skin with wrinkles apparition.

The skin needs to be supplied with water and nutrients from inside (eating) and outside (skin care products).

Water: available in liquid creams, lotions. However, the water is not naturally absorbed through the skin but thanks to other ingredients in the cream.  It keeps your skin moisturized and smooth.


Fatty acid: found in a thick, creamy oil that makes healthy skin, enhances water retention. That is especially important for dry, oily skin. Remember, water evaporates naturally from deep into the skin. If the top layer of skin is weak, lacks fat, links cells poorly, water evaporates faster, leading to dry and wrinkled skin.

Vitamins, anti-aging agents and other supplements: found in special treatment creams / serum, to have a bright, healthy and glowy skin.


The second important factor of  healthy skin is to protect the skin from the adverse effects of the external environment such as sun, wind, cold, dust, irritants, etc. through the wax, winter lotion or summer sunscreen. Remember that sunlight is the source of most major skin problems such as wrinkles, melasma, and aging. A good bottle of sunscreen in all weather conditions, including in the shade or in the snow, is the key to a youthful skin over time.


Replace, discharge and relax

 To get youthful skin, in addition to a daily gentle cleanser, every week we need to deeply clean the skin by exfoliating it so that it is renewed, smooth and bright, helping to enhance absorption of next treatments.


In addition, exercising facial muscles and massaging the face for a few minutes every day while applying the cream enhances blood circulation, firms the tissues, helps the skin look rosy and youthful. After all, beautiful skin is made possible by a healthy body and a relaxed spirit: "Zen inner, belle outer" !!!


It's time for us to stop pursuing blind and ignorant beauty trends. Listen to your skin needs, choose only products that are really essential for your skin, with the best quality in your ability. Gentle facial cleanser, lotion, serum, sunscreen, exfoliating cream combined with eating, resting and relaxing daily massages are all what we do. need for a long lasting beautiful and healthy skin.



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