skin care for dry skin: a brain teaser

When your skin has signs such as dryness, roughness, red itching and even small scales ... that's when you know, you have a dry and damaged skin that needs care. Don't worry, if you understand the nature, you will find that effective, healthy dry skin care is also quite simple.

In essence, dry skin is a condition where the skin lacks both oil and water. So don't forget to add both to your skin!

** Diet **

These are very basic things you already know: drink enough 2L of water a day, eat lots of vegetables, but don't forget to eat fat. Providing enough water not only helps warm the skin but also helps the skin to be softer, avoiding the appearance of acne, eliminating toxins for the body effectively.

The right way to drink water is:

  • Take small and scattered sips throughout the day
  • If possible, drink warm water instead of cold water, even if cold water will make you feel better
  • Limit sugar, tea, and caffeine in the drink menu



** Water supply & nutrition for skin ** 

To supply water to dry skin, instead of using a product specifically for dry skin, pay attention to supplying water to the skin with various layers of moisturizers. The skin also has an absorbing threshold, at the same time bringing a large amount of moisture to the skin will only be excessive, even clogging the pores. What you need is a dry, moist, long-lasting moisturized skin, so take some time for each layer of water-moisturizing instead of just using an all-in-one product.

You can refer to the moisturizing process for dry skin of Zenboté: Moisture level toner - Deep water supply Serum - Moisturizer with large fat content.

To choose products for dry skin, you can refer to benign ingredients and good water supply such as hazelnut juice, aloe juice, rose distilled water and above the indispensable support Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - the "star" in the cosmetics village of moisturizing ability! Like a bath towel, HA can absorb and hold water up to 1000 times its weight, filling the gap between skin cells, creases, helping skin become more plump, healthy and significantly reduced.

In addition to water supply, do not forget to provide skin nutrition with pure vegetable oils. This is a very important step in keeping water and nutrients and avoid dryness. The vegetable oils that are light, easy-to-absorb and rich in nutrients will be a smart choice: avocado, jojoba, olive, coconut, . 

** Remove dead skin **

Who says dry skin should not exfoliate because the skin will be drier? In contrast, dry skin possesses a larger amount of dead skin. So, that nutrients can touch deep skin layers, nourish and moisturize the skin, don't forget to exfoliate!
The secret to exfoliation for dry skin is to use it only 1-2 times a week and pay attention to choosing a benign product with small, round exfoliants - which will help your skin become smooth without injury or dry skin. And don't forget the steps immediately after exfoliation!

** Take care of the surrounding space **

It may sound irrelevant but try putting a small pot of water containing water next to you to work or indoors. Green trees help clear the air, while adding moisture to the air around you.  

So you've got a "ultimate weapon" on how to take care of dry skin this winter!

- Zenboté - 



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