Roses represent love and it is also a symbol of beauty. Not only that, roses also bring many wonderful things for women. More specifically, precious uses come from rose water for every skin type. Today, let Zenboté discover what benefits are available to your skin!

Rose oil has antibacterial properties that can reduce mild infections developed in dry, chapped skin.

Rose water-based roses are always popular and rose water has been used as a skin care ingredient for centuries. From reducing excess oil to blurring wrinkles, roses are able to solve a variety of skin problems.

** What is the use Rose water for skincare? **

  1. For dry or sensitive skin:

Rose water benefits all skin types - even sensitive - because its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties support a wide range of skin care goals. Rose water is a superstar in reducing any redness or the phenomenon of skin itch sometimes appearing on dry skin. It absorbs very quickly, provides deep moisture, can smooth even the driest skin, without aggravating or causing further irritation.

  1. For combination skin or oily skin:

In addition to helping dry skin, rose water is an excellent ingredient for combination skin or oily skin thanks to its ability to moisturize, tighten and balance skin's natural pH. Believe it or not, mixed skin and oily skin need a moisturizer no less than dry skin to regulate oil production.

Rose water is a great choice because it helps to moisturize deeply - increasing the content of water in contrast to the level of oil in the skin - exactly what oil skin needs to control sebum levels. In addition, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this can be a great way to reduce the occurrence of pimples for acne-prone people.

  1. For normal or aging skin

All of these benefits, of course, are also great for normal skin, and if you are looking for ways to blur wrinkles and counteract the visible signs of aging, rose extract products are a right choice. Roses contain a variety of vitamins including Vitamin A and C.

This makes it an excellent ingredient to address concerns such as age spots, wrinkles. Vitamin A stimulates skin cell changes, increasing collagen production so that the skin looks smooth and youthful. Vitamin C also supports collagen production and is a great choice to lighten dark spots from the sun or anti-aging. Moisture supply provided by rose water is also beneficial for normal skin and aging skin because it keeps the skin looking fresh and fuller.


or all skin, rose water has its own unique uses. So, don't worry if it suits your skin. Zenboté hope this article will bring you useful information.






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