rejuvenate the skin with organic safflower Oil

Safflower - Carthamus tinctorius is a plant of the Carthamus tinctorius family that has large, branchy foliage and is harvested annually. Egyptians 4,000 years ago knew how to plant, cold press and use safflower oil as a clothing dye thanks to the beautiful golden color of this flower. Now, safflower oil is a precious vegetable oil that is widely used in high-end beauty products.


It is little known but Safflower is often used as a substitute for Saffron - the famous expensive saffron is the same color and shape as Safflower. Even the name, is somewhat similar? But the effect of Safflower oil is not bad at all.


** Treats acne **


About 70% of the composition of safflower oil is linoleic acid and this is what you need if you're struggling with acne. Lack of linoleic acid, keratin (keratin) - a protein in your skin, hair and nails will tend to increase in concentration, which causes dead skin cells to stick together, clog the pores and lead to the appearance of acne. Along with vitamins and antioxidants, safflower oil helps to remove dead cells, stimulates new cell growth to help fade the acne scars.

 ** Moisturizes and treats dry skin **

With plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, Omega 6 and essential vitamin E for the body, safflower oil is used as a moisturizer and softener for the skin, helping the skin to reduce dehydration.

** Brightens and Reduces wrinkles **

Research shows that linoleic acid in safflower oil can prevent melanin production - the main cause of dull skin and reduced pigmentation due to sun exposure. In addition, safflower oil also contains Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant that helps fight skin aging and prevent wrinkles. Vitamin E also helps protect the skin from sun damage, while preventing oxidative stress.


 ** Heals wounds faster **

Linoleic acid in safflower oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can speed up the healing process, help dark spots fade, open wounds heal the skin.

 Thanks to its extremely valuable properties, Safflower oil has been chosen by Zenboté as one of the main ingredients of Melibu Anti-Aging Gel. Especially, Zenboté uses oil crystal technology (oleosome), which makes safflower oil easy to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin to help regenerate, restore, regulate sebum and soothe the lesions effectively. This technology also gives Melibu a thin, light, non-greasy texture that is good for all skin types.  


In this jug of beautiful and full-cream lotion, you also find very special anti-aging ingredients like:Lemon balm (Melissa): From Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, lemon balm is dubbed the "Fairy of Life". Ancient Greeks and Romans used it extensively to soothe, protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment, while contributing to skin rejuvenation. Burdock root extract: Traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese cuisine have long considered burdock root as a dish, a precious medicine. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and antioxidants, burdock is an excellent ingredient to help with skin care and reduce signs of aging.

By using safflower oil (oleosome), Melibu anti-aging gel is a great support for regenerating, restoring and anti-aging for your skin. You will find bright, radiant and extremely healthy skin after 1-2 months - completely free of chemicals, but only from extremely pure organic natural extracts. 



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