[Principles of meditation] Cherish the imperfect values

Since ancient times, people often want to pursue a perfect, prosperous and perfect life. However, not everyone recognizes the beauty and common sense of imperfections. In the principle of meditation, this is called Imperfection (Fukinsei).

Imperfection is the common sense of life. Nature and people are full of beauty, harmonious relationships though not perfect. Have you ever faced negative, sad or angry emotions because the plan happened unexpectedly? Is that not the will of the way of life? That is the common sense, which is the inevitable rule of this world, when imperfection is immutable, when imperfection is eternal, and nothing can be controlled.

In Zen Tong, one often illustrates a circle named enso with only one or two liberal strokes to portray a moment where the heart is released to create a creative body. . One of the implications of a great metaphor, is that enso is always an incomplete, not closed circle, symbolizing imperfection. This is also an immutable law, always exists that there will never be a perfect model of life.

However, it is the imperfection that brings precious beauty in life, which is the motivation for people to keep trying and striving for more. There is no plan that is chunky, there is no goal that can be conquered without obstacles, without perfect beauty, only perfect emotions and perfect moments that Each of us keeps to ourselves to experience and respect this life.


And perhaps, natural righteousness is also the interference of beautiful relationships in an asymmetric way, but still extremely harmonious. Use asymmetry or anomalies to create a balance in your life. Accepting and appreciating that asymmetric beauty of all things is to achieve balance and serenity in every human soul.


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