PEELING: stereotypes vs reality

Chemical peeling or peeling is a popular skin care method, helps to eliminate toxins and eliminate aging cells extremely effectively, giving skin a smooth, bright. But if you don't know how to choose the right product or don't perform it properly, chemical exfoliation can cause skin damage




You must cover your face after chemical exfoliation

There are different types of chemical exfoliants, but there is no need to seal the face if you use a modern formula. The time it takes for skin to recover after exfoliation is also very short. In fact, you can live everyday normally right after exfoliation.

Bleaching chemical dead skin causes pain

You may feel itchy, tense or hot during the procedure, but good formulas will only affect the outermost layer, not causing deep damage. After exfoliating, to avoid irritation on renewed skin, limit makeup products, avoid exercising for 24 hours, drink plenty of water to prolong the amazing results you see after peeling.

You have to take a few days off from work after chemical exfoliation

With the old formula exfoliation, skin recovery time lasts. Today, chemical exfoliation is very gentle and effective, you can return to normal activities right after doing.
Chemical dead skin remover simply removes dead skin cells from the skin

Modern chemical exfoliation - like Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel - includes a combination of exfoliating acids (such as glycolic, lactic and fruit acids) that can solve a wide range of skin problems . In addition to detoxifying, removing dead skin, clearing pores also helps to firm and smooth skin.

Your skin will become flaky and drier after chemical exfoliation

Chemical dead skin remover is painless, does not take much time and does not peel off! Selected formulas are carefully controlled at the micro level. The ingredients in chemical exfoliation remove damaged skin, in addition to cushioning ingredients such as aloe vera and other nutrients that help prevent redness, and irritation.




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