ORGANICS] - 3 types of vegetable water instead of water

Look at a normal skin care product and read the ingredients. What is the first component you see? Aqua - water, right? Yes, water - a key component of most skin care products - is always the first ingredient to be mentioned. But with organic skin care products, the first ingredient is not water but the highly active plant-derived fluids - vegetable distilled water (hydrosol) or vegetable juice (juice)
Let's find out the 3 most commonly used vegetable juices instead of organic water!  


** Aloe Vera **

Aloe vera is The plant species in many countries around the world. The medics of ancient times also considered this a tree for human salvation. At first, aloe vera only appeared in North America, now we can find them everywhere.

Aloe vera, means "bitter" (alloeh - in Arabic) - because its juice tastes bitter. Since ancient times, ancient Egyptians have called aloe by the name "immortal tree", they use them to treat skin diseases, beautify the queen, and heal soldier’s wounds.

As per the ancient science of India (Ayurveda), aloe vera has four tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and dry - and is considered a rejuvenating medicinal god. In fact, the plants containing these four tastes are very rare. In addition to aloe vera, there are only 2 other types of plants in the world: rose petals and guggul trees.

According to scientists, aloe contains:

🍀 Polysaccharides - a kind of high molecular sugar with antiviral effect, which stimulate the immune system

🍀 19/20 types of Amino Acids needed for the body (we can only produce 12/20 types)

🍀 8 types of Enzymes help reduce burning sensations, pain and accelerate wound healingLoại 2 types of hormones help skin regenerate cells

🍀 Salicylic acid - aspirin antibiotic in natural form, healing gently and without side effects!

🍀 12 types of Anthraquinone, effective for antibacterial and antifungal digestive system

🍀 Saponins, sterols: natural cleansers with antibacterial, antiviral and fungal effects

🍀 Vitamins A, C, E, B and minerals provide nutrition to the skin

In beauty, thanks to such precious ingredients, aloe vera is considered the king of plants on earth, famous for its ability:  Soothe and heal redness and wounds (especially signs of itching, swelling, sunburn, acne)

🍀 Deep moisture, prevent and reduce wrinkles formation

🍀 for hair, aloe helps reduce itching, dandruff, make hair shine and stimulate hair growth. Aloe is also a healthy food and drink. 

Instead of using ordinary, cheap and readily available water, Zenboté chose aloe vera juice to replace pure water because of its excellent quality and efficiency that not all firms can do. 


** rose hydrosol **

Rose essential oil - "queen" of essential oils & rose water - a secondary product from rose oil extract - is probably the oldest known skin ingredient. For women, even if they know and try hundreds of beauty products, rose is always on the top list of preferred products. In addition to beauty, the charming scent that enchants the soul, roses can also give you a healthy, beautiful skin, regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, combined. It suits everybody!  With a series of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, water and rose oil are "nutritious" food for dry skin - considered as the "most malnourished" in all skin types-  helping skin to recover, becomes healthy, and slowing down aging process.

🍀 Contains the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and rose water active ingredients for oily acne skin to be fully cleaned, balanced skin pH, oil control, pores shrink, limiting formation and development of acne.

🍀 The anti-inflammatory properties of roses also reduce the unpleasant symptoms of skin such as dryness, burning, lumpiness, itching, peeling, sunburn. Even puffiness, eye bags, help you regain a youthful look.

With great properties and rich skin care capabilities, rose water and rose essential oil are present in most popular skin care products. Rose oil is often used in cream formulas, serum. Meanwhile, rose distilled water is used to replace the “water” ingredient in more dilute formulations such as lotion, toner. 

With Zenboté, you can find rose extract in the Soft Foam Facial Mask Jasberry and Melibu Anti-Aging Gel, which bring you smooth, clean and healthy skin. 


** witch Hazel **

Since ancient times, Native Americans have used the witch hazel parts to serve their lives. Branches of hazelnut cut into bow and hunting crossbow; while the flowers and hazelnut leaves crushed the water to heal wounds. If you come to the US, you'll realize that hazelnut juice is sold everywhere in pharmacies and almost every house has a bottle of hazelnut.  


Witch hazel - aka hamamelis, Vietnamese calls hazelnut a small tree with yellow, curved petals like the fingers of a witch, looking somewhat ugly but containing its tannins content and huge flavonoids. Thanks to such a special ingredient, hazelnut water has many effects: healing open wounds, soothing sunburn areas and especially soothing after shaving. In skin care, hazelnut water is known for its ability to seize pores and treat first-rate acne. It can treat all that you don't want - excess oil, dirt; antiseptic skin as the way alcohol can do; stimulates open wounds to heal the mouth, balance the skin pH and tighten pores. Great for acne and oily skin, right? But if you think hazelnut juice only works for acne skin, you are wrong! Hazelnut water is also capable of moisturizing. So, don't be surprised if you see that a moisturizer for dry skin contains hazelnuts. 

With such outstanding effects, Zenboté certainly cannot ignore hazelnut water in its organic ingredients table. The product best suited to hazelnut water that Zenboté chose is Toner. With the function - Deep cleaning - antiseptic - pH balance - adequate moisture supply, instead of using water is the main ingredient (water base), Zenboté has chosen aloe juice and hazelnut juice as a foundation for Toner Chama. 

You see, instead of water - a normal moisturizer, you can use other vegetable juices / juices that just moisturize and provide the essence of your skin. Will this make you appreciate more organic products?-

    - Zenboté - 



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