Oily skin- artificial cleansing is not sufficient

Oily skin makes us extremely uncomfortable, always having a greasy feeling on the face. And especially in the hot season. Controlling sebum on the skin is a headache for anyone with oily skin. Not only that if you just think that taking care of oily skin is taking away the excess oil from your skin, you're wrong. Oily skin care requires the care stage to be deeper and more thorough than other skin types.



In fact, taking care of oily skin is not difficult. Indeed, sebum on the skin is a natural fat produced from the sebaceous glands with the main purpose of keeping the skin soft and hydrated. Some people have overactive sebaceous glands, leading to excess oil. If not caring properly, it can lead to clogging the pores, causing acne and losing control of excess oil. Therefore, cleaning is almost a decisive step in the whole process of care. In addition to the basic cleaning steps like makeup remover - cleanser. Don't skip the essential steps to clean pores for this oily skin:

** Remove dead skin **

If you don't want to live with acne and a dull skin, think about removing dead skin cells. Because dead skin cells encounter excess oil on oily skin is the condition that creates acne, and hidden acne.

In order to choose the appropriate exfoliation product, Zenboté recommends that oily skin should choose the type of cream or gel, small round beads will cause less damage to the skin and mineral and vitamin supplements during exfoliation. During exfoliation, don't forget:

Do not exfoliate too much this will cause your skin to be worn out, not enough time to regenerate the new cell layer, leading to thinning of the epidermis, the skin not being able to protect you from the environment effects.


Don't rub your skin too hard, you think it helps your skin to be cleaner and less oily, but in fact, it can cause your skin to react in the opposite way by releasing more oil. So clean your skin gently.

 Avoid direct sunlight exposure after exfoliating.


☘️ Reference products:

Zenboté Hoba mineral exfoliating gel. Organic exfoliant, cleansing and mineralizing for the following skin thanks to Silica minerals from Bamboo and Horsetail.


** Clay mask **

You will often see oily skin or blackheads - white heads. They all come from pores when clogged - especially the T-zone. With a typical blackhead they are formed from dead cells, bacteria and lubricants, when exposed to air will oxidized and gradually turned black. Special blackheads are difficult to remove because they are stuck deep in the pores and grow in the nose area.

In addition to the usual cleaning measures, the clay mask will be an effective assistant to help oily skin deep clean the pores. Natural clay is a popular ingredient in beauty, contains a lot of magnesium chloride, which absorbs oil, sucks sediment to help pores clear and gradually improve the acne situation significantly.

☘️ Reference products:

You can refer to the organic product of the Coftea  purifying mask of Zenboté. Coftea contains Kaolin's coffee and clay ingredients - Natural exfoliation ingredients, and green tea - red algae, which help to provide nutrients and antioxidants to the skin. This is something special that other products do not yet have.

Do not leave the clay mask too dry on the face, the ideal time is 5-7 minutes

These are intensive skin care products that you should add to the oily skin care process. Besides, when mastering the principles and applying them to your skin, you should choose high quality and original products to help you be more effective in the process of oily skin care.
If unfortunately, your oily skin appears more hateful spots, please consult. 





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