In the Revolution of Modern Beauty, The West and the East still have their own beauty secrets, with their uniqueness knowledge. Even if pampering yourself is not usual for everyone, this custom has been part of the culture for a while now. So let’s unlock the secrets of those two regions and of the ingredients they put into their beauty products.





The East - Tradition of herbal skin cares

In Asia, where there is a tropical monsoon climate with two  typical dry and humid seasons people will prefer an ivory china skin, spotless skin and are afraid to sun exposure. Therefore, natural ingredients used in Asian cosmetics tend to improve pigmentation and whiten the skin. The process of skincare, according to the Oriental method, is often combined with a lot of herbs with pleasant scents. Hence, this is not just a process of skin care but also a “relaxing” steps of women.


From thousands of years ago, East Asian countries soon used the ingredients of herbs and fruits for their skin care needs. Citrus (mandarine) comes from China, contains a lot of vitamin C. So, it helps to reduce melasma and freckles or dull skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring properties are also known in Oriental medicine. Ginseng (ginseng), the medicinal spirit for health and beauty comes from Korea. It  has antioxidant, makes your skin firm, radiant, bright and healthy. Burdock root extract - a food and medicine widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese cuisine - is rich in vitamins A, B, and C with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory unique properties.


Cheaper, but equally effective, green tea contains a high level of anti-inflammatory, polyphenol and methylxanthine, which protects the body against harmful UVB rays. It prevents from premature wrinkle formation. Aloe vera (aloe vera) is also extremely popular with acne treatment, reducing inflammation and sunburn.

The mucus of aloe vera gel helps to moisturize the skin, making it more elastic, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. It prevents from skin aging.


Besides herbs and fruit trees, Asians also soon used honey rich in minerals and vitamins to clean, brighten skin and nourish the skin deep inside. Along with that, Oriental women also like to use flowers because of the charming scents but above all for the rare ingredients and essential oils that improves skin complexion and spirit relaxing. Jasmine extract has a special ability to improve skin tone and moisturize the skin deeply. Magnolia essential oil - a rare ingredient from more than 100 million years in Southeast Asia - helps to prevent acne, reduces wrinkles, firms skin and reduces melasma.


Western - The secret of beauty from civilized empires


On the other side of the globe, the concept of healthy skin is really different from the Asian vision. The West is enchanted by a tanned, fiery, sexy skin, and is particularly concerned about the skin health.


At the long-standing beauty empires like France and Egypt, essential oils distilled from plants are one of the first ingredients to be used for beauty. "Aromatherapy" has been around since the 20th century. It is a therapeutic method that uses natural essential oils for healing, improving health, beauty and mental relaxation. Rose essential oil  has the rare ability to moisturize, anti-oxidize, reduce acne and redness. Lavender oil (lavender essential oil) is commonly used because of its antibacterial properties and the ability to balance oily skin and acneic skin. Pine oil (scots pine) is famous for its ability to enhance blood circulation and its unique anti-inflammatory properties.


There are many similarities with the East. Indeed, Westerners also soon discovered the use of flowers and medicinal herbs in beauty care. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation properties, helps treat diseases like eczema, acne and redness.

Melissa leaves, a type of mint family, were dubbed the beauty goddess for the Romans and ancient Greeks thanks to their ability to soothe and heal. The cranberry extract, from North America, is rich in vitamins B3, B5 and vitamin C. Those lasts are considered as "super fruits" in refreshing and anti-aging skin.

Similarly, coffee extract contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, which are frequently used in the preparation of anti-wrinkle products, facial muscles firming and scrubs.


So far you are used to consume products from an eastern firm or a western firm separately with different strengths and weaknesses. Have you ever tried to imagine a new line of products combining traditional beauty secrets and the quintessential ingredients of each region for a superior result and originality ? Let’s wait!


With the goal of giving customers a truly healthy skin as it is, an experience of true beauty and harmony with the surrounding nature, Zenbote is pleased to introduce to customers a natural cosmetic kit. Organic with 100% natural ingredients are certified by Ecocert - the world's largest and most prestigious organic certification organization.


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