Any girl who is interested in skin care will no longer be familiar with mineral spray products - products that can replenish skin water instantly. Instead of spraying mineral water, join Zenboté to make nutrient drinks for your skin from natural available ingredients!

The main ingredient of mineral spray is mainly pure water added with minerals or water taken from groundwater containing many natural minerals. Some mineral sprays are added with chemicals to keep skin moisturized for longer or support more durable makeup. The biggest drawback of mineral spray is that in addition to minerals, there are almost no other ingredients that are nutritious to the skin and can contain many chemical preservatives that make the skin more irritated and drier. You can completely make your own  mineral spray with much more nutritious ingredients!

Skin care with natural ingredients dispels the summer heat


** Aloe Vera juice **

beauty, thanks to valuable ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E, B, Salicylic acid - antibiotic aspirin in natural form ... aloe vera is considered the king of plants on earth, famous with the following abilities:

◼️ Soothe and heal red wounds and wounds (especially signs of itching, swelling, sunburn, acne)

◼️ Deep moisture supply, prevent and reduce wrinkles formation

◼️ Aloe vera helps reduce itching, dandruff, make hair shine and stimulate hair growth. 

Aloe-Vera helps to replenish moisture effectively. 

Aloe juice is quite simple, easy to make, you can put it into a spray bottle and use it as a mineral spray with lots of nutrients and uses. As long as you peel off the green skin of the leaves, scrape off the transparent gel and then rinse and reduce the viscosity. Next, add the amount of gel to the blender, puree and squeeze the juice. The amount of juice you can remember to put it in the fridge to use it gradually! 

If you don't have a lot of time to make this juice but don't want to miss out on the great benefits from them, you can also choose a safe organic product such as Toner Chama of Zenbote to help skin. Add water and moisture regularly every day.

Toner Chama of Zenboté contains aloe leaf juice, South African pink tea extract, hydrolyzed rice water, hazelnut water - all ingredients are quite light, moist and rich in nutrients and minerals. 

** Cucumber juice **

Cucumber is a fruit listed on an indispensable list of girls' meals or beauty. Cucumber contains a lot of vitamin C - a substance that helps your skin to be bright and healthy. In cucumber, up to 95% is water, will help your skin to be hydrated. It will also soothe the skin perfectly.  

Cucumber is not only a daily dish but also has great skin care benefits To make this juice is also quite simple. You need to peel, squeeze water and put it in a clean glass jar, store in the refrigerator. You can also combine cucumber juice with honey or rose water to add freshness to the skin (however, honey has antibacterial properties, but it makes it feel sticky, so you only put a little bit).

** Toner of green tea **

Green tea is an antioxidant-rich ingredient known for its firming and even-toning effects. The moisturizing properties of green tea help the skin improve elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The idea of ​​making toner with green tea will also help you to have a firmer and fresher skin every day. 

◼️ How to do it

:• Rinse green tea leaves and brine

• Put green tea leaves in the pot and pour water so that the leaves face up

• Place the steam tray on top and place the glass bowl in the steam tray• Cover the pot upside down so that the tip of the pot is directed at the bowl

• Turn on the stove to boil tea, when the water starts to boil, put the ice on the ice

• Heat continuously until the water is full of glass bowls and this is pure green tea toner 
Add the resulting essence to a spray bottle to use as a daily spray or place it in a glass jar with a lid and use it as a toner by using makeup remover or pouring directly into the skin for deeply absorption.

** Rose Toner **

You probably already know that rose water has a versatile effect on your skin, starting from cleansing to moisturizing. If you own a bottle of pure rose water, you have everything you need for skin care. This natural cosmetic product is both simple and super-economical, and it also offers unexpected effects, helping the skin stay in the best condition. In addition, they work:

◼️ Balance the skin pH

◼️ Remove aging oils from the skin

◼️ Clean the skin

◼️ Soothe the skin before sun exposure

◼️ Remove acne and soothe skin

Rose toner helps deep clean and instantly moisturize your skin The way to make rose toner is similar to how to make green tea toner, but it is a bit sparse, but it is worth the time.  

Above, Zenboté has shown you ways to make simple, effective home remedies for your reference. Of course, handmade toners will not be able to last long because there are no preservatives like industrial products, but it will help you have a pleasant experience, peaceful times when making care items yourself. 

If you are too busy with work but still want to use natural items, do not forget the organic skin care products, which have been certified Ecocert with the pure ingredients of Zenboté, the copper scent. bring you to the natural and peaceful nature. Turn the minutes of short-term skin care into real relaxation moments to dispel the worries and fatigue of life. 




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