My summer : never without my cream

Summer – by hearing this word you will have a feeling of heat approaching, and people remember immediately about sunscreen. However, women are afraid to use moisturizer because they are afraid of the common feeling of greasy stickyness. So how to choose the right moisturizer for the summer?



** Why changing moisturizers when summer comes? **

Whether in hot or cold weather, dry or moist, your skin always needs moisture, just like you always need to drink and eat food. However, the skin's needs in different seasons are not the same. If you wear thick, thin sweaters of all kinds in winter, you will choose a two-piece, short skirt in summer. Your skin is the same, they need lots of moisture, fat, skin regenerating ingredients in the winter, while needing lots of water and deep cleansing ingredients in the summer. If you don't want blemish skin, clogged pores or dry skin, sunburn and dullness in the sun, find yourself the right moisturizer to help quench your thirst. of the skin during the hot season, while not making the skin oily.  

Which criteria can you follow?

What are the important factors when choosing summer moisturizer?


For maximum moisturizing effect, you should choose moisturizer that meets the following factors:·        


Choose a thin, light, watery and easy gel or cream that penetrates deep into your skin, leaving no greasy or sticky feeling to your sweat.·        


Use products that contain ingredients and keep the water constantly for the skin as well as skin lightening vitamins such as: 

  • Vegetable juice such as rose water or aloe juice instead of regular water in the formula, helps provide moisture, soothes skin, anti-inflammatory, minimizes irritation, helps nourish and protect skin, especially effective after sun exposure.
  • Hyaluronic acid: ingredient that helps to retain water for the skin, while supporting the body's ability to produce collagen to help the skin stretch. 
  • Vitamin C: famous for smoothing and brightening the skin, limiting the formation of bruises left by acne or sunburns caused by sunlight. 
  • Vitamin E: extremely effective anti-aging ingredient, minimizing harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. 

Priority should be given to those with a natural scent to create a feeling: Fresh, refreshing orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit Sweet reminds of trips such as coconut, vanilla  Gentle smell of grass flowers such as lavender, magnolia 



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