The skin care process is becoming more complex with a series of new products racing around. Although not all products are equally important and necessary, but there is one product that you have certainly heard of the name but may not fully understand its value, it is milk essence or Lotion. - versatile products, very effective in moisturizing and anti-aging. Let's learn more about this product with Zenboté!

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** So, what exactly is MILKY LOTION? **

Milky lotion, often used after cleansing, is a mild liquid that contains many moisturizing ingredients. It has been created to prepare the skin to receive other treatments, to be a concentrated moisturizer and to be absorbed efficiently. In other words, your skin becomes a sponge for the next treatments.

After cleansing, the lotion immediately helps to balance and moisturize your skin, ready to absorb your favorite serum and creams. In addition, lotion also contains many nutritional ingredients and treatment of skin from deep inside, helps prevent aging, melasma, acne or other problems.

** How to use a milky lotion? **

Although used after cleansing, the lotion does not have a deep cleansing purpose and should not be applied with a cotton pad. Instead, put a few drops on your palms and gently apply essence to your face until completely absorbed. The heat of the hand and the pressure on the skin helps the product penetrate deeply, while enhancing blood circulation under the skin.


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** What type of milky lotion is suitable for your skin?** 

Like moisturizers and cleansers, always check the ingredients carefully to choose the product that best suits the needs of your skin.

1. For oily skin / acne:

If your skin is often excreted with oil or acne-prone skin, choose a milky lotion with a liquid texture, which contains mild moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which absorbs quickly on the skin and doesn't clog pores.


2. For dry / aging skin:

You should use essence that contains many moisturizing ingredients, such as vegetable distilled water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, some oils to moisturize and supply skin water, preventing signs of aging.


3. For dull skin:

 If you have a lot of bruised skin, or simply dull, look for the essence that contains carrot oil or vitamin C.


In the cosmetic family, milk lotion (or essence) is also called “holy water” thanks to its instant moisture supply ability and accelerating the care of other products. If you’re a person who is especially interested in skin care and is afraid of signs of aging, don’t ignore this wonderful companion. More importantly, always choose the kind of benign organic products for your skin to get truly lasting beauty!

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